A Speed-Drawing Of Batman Showing Superman Who's Boss

I always think I'd like to learn how to draw, and then I see an artist like 8bit Ego's Masood Tahir draw something and I think, "WOW, are you serious, this guy draws faster than I can think!!" Wait, what's that you say?

The video's sped up? Oh, that explains a lot.

This is nifty. While I don't believe the video specifically mentions Injustice: Gods Among Us, it's hard not to get a bit of a fighting-game vibe. We've featured 8bit Ego's stuff in the past; check out their full "Pixel Vision" playlist to see all the other video game drawings they've done.

(Thanks, Jehrome!)


    Nice :)

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    My little boy and I just watched that whole video, we both thought that it was awesome :D

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    Nice, reminds me of one of the Hush covers... And I like Hush...

      It looks like one of the Hush covers because it copies the composition of one of the covers, only switch the positions.

    nice but i think the coloured portions ruined it - it would have made a very nice monochromatic picture

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