A Survival Sim That (Mostly) Takes Place On A Single Screen

A Survival Sim That (Mostly) Takes Place On A Single Screen
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This scenery? That’s the bulk of what you’ll see while trying to survive in Gods Will Be Watching.

The premise is simple: you’ve got 40 days until you can be rescued. You have a crew, which you have to feed and keep sane. You have a radio, which you’ll want to fix. Naturally, as you play, other things come up too — I won’t spoil those. Whatever it is that you have to deal with, you only get five actions every day, and these can be used on tasks like making a fire, reparations, talking to your crew, hunting, if not murder. Oh, and you can pet a cute puppy, too. That’s important.

The premise is simple, but the solution (make no mistake, this is kind of a puzzle) is not. I think I got about a dozen days in before a good number of my crew went mad; I was too busy trying to repair the radio at all costs to be able to tend to their mental state. Guess I’d make an awful leader, but I will say that my puppy didn’t die. Maybe you can do better than I did?

Gods Will Be Watching was created as a part of Ludum Dare 26, an online game jam in which developers make a game over a weekend. The latest theme, though not chosen by Kanye West’s Twitter feed, was “minimalism” — that’s why this game takes place on a single screen.


  • LOVED this, thanks for posting this, never would have played it otherwise. Spent an hour until I finally beat it I think. Man I might have been into that more than when I was playing Bioshock Infinite, makes me think, huh.

    They should continue the adventures of the space crew. Captain’s log, out.

  • Hey this is pretty good, I haven’t finished it but I am seeing more of the mechanics each time i try.

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