Acapella Can't Make The Metal Gear Solid Theme Kick Any Less Ass

Not all music can survive the a capella treatment, let alone the "Geekapella" treatment. Goofy dudes (Max and Sam) singing geeky music, sort of in tune and sort of out of tuneā€¦ a lesser theme song might lose some of its dramatic heft. Not Metal Gear Solid.

No, when the heroic theme entered at 2:22, my first thought was, "Wow, even in this goofy version, the MGS theme kicks fucking arse."

That version was pretty fun, but let's go ahead and listen to the version from MGS2, as well.

Oh, yeah.


    Is that...Mark?

    Can't say that really did anything for me personally. Nothing against the guys that performed it, I think I was just put off by the weird visuals. Still, props for effort. The fact I actually sat and watched through the whole thing though is really a testament to just how good the Metal Gear Solid theme truly is.

    I was lucky enough to make it to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's Symphony of Legends concert last year, and they rolled out the MGS theme right at the end of the night. It was simply amazing to listen to. I swear, you haven't lived until you're heard this being played by a live orchestra.

    Loved his trumpet playing at the end.

    The MGS2 version beings tears everytime. ALL THE TEARS.

      agreed when the brass starts playing that epic nananaa NANA NAAAAAA NAAA

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