Adventure Games Are Much Better In Stop-Motion

Remember The Neverhood? The all-clay stop-motion adventure game from 1996? Doug TenNapel, its creator, is joining forces with Pencil Test Studios to bring you Armikrog, a spiritual sequel starring a crash-landed alien and his talking dog. They're raising $US900,000 through Kickstarter. Good luck to them!



    Oh, and it features voice work from Michael J. Nelson (MST3K & Rifftrax), Jon Heder (Napolean Dynamite) and Rob Paulsen (Pinky, Yakko,'original' Raphael). At the $60 tier, you get a commentary track from Mike.

    But what with most people here having geeky-tendencies, I'm sure that information is irrelevant.



    shut up and take my money

    Last edited 30/05/13 5:29 pm

    I saw this last night and just about soiled myself from excitement.

    *throws money*

    So that's the guy who made earth worm jim

    Neverhood is one of my all time favourite games. I actually just got my copy of Return to the Neverhood yesterday, so I'm well hyped for this.

    Hm. Can I seperate the artist from the art...

      Maybe. How do you feel about Chuck Norris?

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