Alan Wake Creator Explains Why We're Not Getting A Sequel

Sam Lake — you bastard child of Vincent Price and Stephen King — don't you ever change. Even when explaining the massive disappointment that was the distinct lack of Alan Wake 2 at yesterday’s Xbox One reveal, the guy who put words in Max Payne’s mouth still manages to come across as hypnotically charming.

Lake says that reveals that the psychological horror franchise has sold 3 million copies over its lifetime and promises that Quantum Break will fold in everything they learned from making Alan Wake and Max Payne games. But, man, that last scene… not exactly a wellspring of hope for AW fans, huh, Sam?


    Please give us more Alan Wake :(

      Please give us a PC version of Quantum Break at launch.

      I want a remedy max payne 3 :(

    I'd like to give his game a shot, I actually bought an Xbox to play Alan Wake. But I hate exclusivity, and I'm not buying an Xbox One just to get one game.

    Really disappointed to hear this, I was hoping they'd be working on two at the time, especially considering they were talking about Alan Wake 2 being at E3 not all that long ago.

    I'm gonna give this game a miss. If 3 more good games come out on Xbox One I'll get it, but this doesn't nearly justify the purchase for me.

    I still have hopes for a new Alan Wake.

    I loved the Alan Wake games. Remedy are a fantastic company and it's really nice to see a developer communicating with their fans.

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    Alan Wake, all it's DLC and it's expansion are currently available for 'pay what you want' at

    You get Steam keys or DRM free. It's a very good game, BUY IT!

    Yes it's in the video, but not in the article... buy buy buy!

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    Oh for fuck's sake, stop moving and cutting camera shots!

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