All 65 Episodes Of My Little Pony All At Once, All For You

If you should wind up in the custody of the CIA and withhold information during an interrogation, expect to be strapped to a chair with your eyes pried open and this video running in an endless loop on all four wall. YouTube insane person The Pixeltripper took all 65 episodes of the first three seasons of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and compiled them into one video.

Seven rows of eight, one row of nine. 50 hours of rendering. An eternity of suffering.


    Bloody hell, all I can hear is different shades of pinkie. This hurts my brain, mike. IT HUUUUURTS!



    The Crow reference is most fitting. Sweet mother of God, it BURNS!!

      Wow, I was about to say the exact same thing. Must be Devil's night...

      My girls watch seasons of My Little Pony on YouTube, this turned up in the YouTube recommended section, wasn't signed in to display mature content either. My daughter is 3... suffice to say, YouTube no longer works on her computer.

      The result of watching:

    I just found myself naked and drooling on the floor after watching that. Am I ok?!?

    abandon all hope, ye who watch this video.

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