All Of Daft Punk's Latest Album, Mashed Into One 8-Bit Song

Maybe you've heard the entirety of Daft Punk's latest, Random Access Memories. But I'm guessing you haven't heard the album in an 8-bit style, as a single song. Thankfully, Joe Jeremiah can indulge you there, with this here video.

A-Bit of Daft Punk [Joe Jeremiah]


    Blimey, there were times when it felt like I was playing the old Nintendo...

    You cannot deny the awesome in this.

    I enjoyed this allot. I love daft punk songs when they connect like this.

    Random Access Memory is one of the best albums released in a long time, do I dare listen to this or will it make me unhappy?

      Random Access Memory was horrible... worst album. this is 100 times better then the whole album

        Your welcome to your opinion, it won't change mine.

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