All-Star Dad Builds Incredible Arcade With His Son

When I was growing up, I was barely allowed to own any video games. Contrast that with Redditor Mertzlufft, whose father teamed up with him to construct this bananas-looking underground compound, stuffed with more games than any single human could hope to handle.

Mertzlufft, now in university, says that the project has been in the works for five years. It sure looks like a labour of love to me. I'm guessing that when they power this sucker up, the lights in their neighbourhood dim for a bit. And can you imagine the noise? It must sound like the freeplay room at PAX.

What I'm saying is, I want to go there.

- The arcade my father and I made in the basement [Imgur via Geekologie]


    Omggggg TRON

    that's a very big basement, also the bar doesn't look as well stocked as the rest of the room

    This is exactly what I'd do if I had a spare million or so.

    That's incredible and it hit me right in the nostalgia, i remember most of those games being in the arcade when i was younger, how i would love to visit that place and play those games again.

    That is beautiful.

    I want to live there.

    Love it. To build it with your Dad as well ... That's definitely something. My old man would love to do this, even though we'd finish up and he'd ask, again, what the hell the point of computer games is.

      But then at least you guys have spend a lot of quality time together doing something incredible

      This is truly awesome!

    nice but i hope he doesnt turn them all on at once - his electricity usage must be insane!
    is that a rear projection tv in the last pic, or something else?

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