Amazon Is Selling Licensed Fan Fiction, Let's Hope Games Follow

Well, this is bizarre. Amazon has announced Kindle Worlds, a "place for you to publish fan fiction inspired by popular books, shows, movies, comics, music, and games". You might be thinking, well, there already is a place, and that place is the internet, but the key here is that Amazon has signed deals with companies like Warner Bros so that it can sell your fan fiction, and that you can make royalties off it.

It's a fantastic idea, one that embraces the fan community and lets them make a buck or two from both their talents and their love of a property/universe.

If only video games could do the same.

Could you imagine if, instead of shutting projects down and issuing legal threats, companies like Nintendo embraced a community of fan games, mods and tributes by giving them a pat on the back and a place in the eShop? It would be the best thing ever.

Kindle Worlds [Amazon]


    Wow I really thought I'd never see this happen, good on Warner Brothers and co!

    I look forward to seeing this stuff pop up on my recommended items for purchase due to my previous purchases of Inuyasha. Havn't I suffered enough already amazon? I'm sorry!

    So I can start selling my smut? This sounds fantastic but as with anything, I should probably read the fine print first, because it sounds like I would lose all ownership of my fic if we go through this channel :P

    Hopefully I can get the good "The Mummy" fan fiction series "The Puzzle Box" now. It made up for the atrocious taste the third film left in my mouth.

    It's a very dangerous precedent. If you read the details, Amazon gets an exclusive license for the duration of copyright to commercially exploit your story, characters and ideas without paying you any additional money. Basically it's the world's cheapest IP farm.

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