Among The Sleep Has A Playable Alpha, And It's Terrifying


    I had no idea this wasn't a funded project until last week - had me very worried. Good to know it got funded, and that playable alpha is amazing.

    I'll check out the alpha tonight.. I just backed it.. had forgotten to but was always planning on it.. only 60 hours left...

    Can't wait to try the Rift-capable public build when it's ready (although I have a feeling I'll be needing a diaper much more than my character)!

    For reasons I'm not willing to confront, I thought the title was Among the Sheep...

    It's late, it's dark and I live alone. I made it to the parents bedroom then back out to the lounge room... Yep... I'm done for now. Maybe I'll start again tomorrow when there's daylight outside hahaha.

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