An Elegant Nintendo 64 For A More Civilized Age

Reader James' modded Nintendo 64 is not a machine for the 1990s. Its modern touches make it a damn fine retro gaming solution for the discerning modern gamer.

Preserving the main case, he's heavily modified the console's functionality. Gone are the switches, replaced with remote-controlled power operation. Gone are the four ports at the front, replaced with a single port (for a cleaner appearance) and external multitap. It outputs in RGB colour.

There are a whole load of other minor changes, which you can check out in detail by watching the video below.


    meh ... its ok

    Why would you take something out just to make it an external option. If the console is supposed to suit today's styling then that goes directly against what we do today, which is stuff as much technology into devices as possible. Just make it a hidden panel or something.

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      Depending on who you are, you may not play a whole lot of multiplayer games, so having one port (that extends into 4 with a multitap) is a somewhat logical idea. A hidden panel may have worked too, but everyone does that!

        I suppose. But it's sort of like taking the camera out of your phone and having it as an addon. Sure you might not take a lot of photos, but at least when you have to, you don't need to carry around an adapter for it.

          I agree with mdn, it's taking a well designed and streamlined device and making it more complicated than it needs to be.

          "Its modern touches make it a damn fine retro gaming solution for the discerning modern gamer."

          This is wrong. I store my carts in the shed and use an emu, so does all of the N64 geeks I know. The device looks great, no doubt about it, but it's not something the 'discerning' gamer wants to replace their existing N64 setup with, unless you want a stylised and heavily modified console that for some reason adds extra parts.

          Collectors, maybe. Hipsters, fo shizzle. Discerning gamers? Naw.

          Im honestly surprised he didn't make it 100% wireless with the controllers...

        It makes sense if it leads to a smaller console. In this case I don't think it makes a whole lot of sense since you haven't saved anything by splitting the functionality.

        That said, as with many of these mods it isn't about doing something that logically is a great idea, rather it's someone having fun playing around with ideas.

    Love the backlit nameplate.

      I love small details. The effort to get an even light on it, is nothing short of outstanding. This is one of the best mods I've come across.

        Agreed - and it goes one step further. LEDs usually have a straight white look about them. This is more like an indiglo panel which has a softer feel and as you mentioned an even lighted look. The guy is a genius.

    Absolutely gorgeous. But yes, he should've fashioned a matching wireless controller imo.

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