An Enterprising Grand Theft Auto IV Modder Just Added The Millennium Falcon To The—wait ... Wait ...

An enterprising Grand Theft Auto IV modder just added the Millennium Falcon to the — wait ... wait ... Oh, my! What have you done? Oh my! It's BACKWARDS! You flea-bitten furball! Only an overgrown mop-head like you ...


    By god if this is someone deliberately trolling Star Wars fans then I shall tip my Virtual Hat to them.

    Looks alright, but the whole time I was waiting for him to crash it into something to produce a spectacular explosion.

    Lol, the ramp is down the whole time! People have too much time for this stuff.

    Should have made a tie-fighter instead...! :P

    FINALLY!! The Left handed Falcon we've been waiting for has arrived! So hard killing tie fighters with the uncomfortable right-handed one...

    Last edited 13/05/13 2:13 pm

    The Cockpit is wrong...




    It's backwardsness is clashing with 25 years of conditioning and it makes my head hurt.

    Ah, the sticking-out-bit is on the wrong side. You had me worried there for a minute that the Millenium Falcon's front has always been the the broad round end, not the pointy end with the two prongs. Had that been the case I probably have had a pretty serious existential crisis on my own nerdiness.

    Maybe the modder has a serious condition where he sees everything mirrored. And you swine have just insulted him and hurt his feelings.

    Bet you feel pretty bad now huh?

    Its hilarious that the backwards movement actually really gets to me

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