And That's Why Doctor Doom Is So Damn Awesome

Doctor Doom's schemes figure big into Gazillion Entertainment's Diablo-esque Marvel Heroes. It makes sensehe's second only to Galactus when it comes to go-to Marvel video game bad guys, and in this first instalment of the "Chronicles of Doom", a four-part motion comic leading up to the game's June 4 launch, Victor Von Doom shows us why.

Sometimes he's dead, sometimes he's a robot, and sometimes he gets defeated by Squirrel Girl, but for the most part Doom spends his free time dispatching or escaping from The Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Spider-Man, Power Pack, Ant Man and that company that gets paid to clean up after superhero messes. You know what he doesn't spend a lot of time doing? Rotting in a jail cell, because Doom doesn't play that.

Brian Bendis is handling the writing on this one, so expect Doom to say "children" and "trolls" a lot more before the series ends.


    So is there a reason he didn't just discretely teleport himself out of the building?

      With the way Doom is traditionally written, he either wanted them to know that he was taking something, that he could hit them where it hurts whenever he damn well wanted (Sue and Richard's kids were at the Baxter building when he broke in), or just wanted the option of gloating (as all good villains do).

    He's Doctor Doom. He doesn't do 'discrete.' It's a bit like asking why aren't North Korean leaders humble. (Which isn't that bad a comparison actually, since he rules over his own country.)

    I read the wikipedia entry on Dr. Doom and it's inconceivable to me how he can possibly lose... anything.

      Sometimes I feel like he likes to lose, one minute he has a counter for everything(being a master of technology AND magic), and the next minute he's defeated by Squirrel Girl or Deadpool or something.

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