Another Former THQ Montreal Producer Let Go By Ubisoft

Another Former THQ Montreal Producer Let Go By Ubisoft

After leaving Ubisoft to create a new IP for THQ, Patrice Desilets was brought back into the fold when Ubisoft acquired the THQ Montreal studio working on his game. Now, after “inconclusive” “good faith discussions” Ubisoft claimed that Patrice left the studio. Patrice claims he was fired, and now stated via twitter that another producer on the project, Jean-François Boivin, has also been fired.

Patrice Desilets has only recently joined Twitter, but used to the service to announce that he had actually been fired from Ubisoft, not left of his own accord.

At this stage the status of 1666, the game Patrice and Boivin were reportedly working on, is unclear. We’ve asked Ubisoft for a statement and will update if we hear back.


  • Sounds like there were some disputes regarding the creative direction of Patrice’s game, and, as a result, Ubisoft both gave him and his like-minded pal the boot.

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