Astronaut Chris Hadfield Demonstrates How To Play Darts In Space

It's not all science experiments and Aerosmith songs on the International Space Station. Sometimes you've got downtime, and sometimes you fill that downtime by playing games. But what kinds of games to astronauts play?

The guys at Tested talked with Canadian astronaut (and up-and-coming Bowie impersonator) Chris Hadfield about the games he and his crewmates play aboard the ISS. Among them: Scrabble (with the pieces velcroed to the board) and... space darts. Hadfield demonstrates the darts, and then the Tested guys come up with some more games for him to play in low-grav.


    'The guys at Tested'

    Funny. . . the first thing I thought was it's Jamie and Adam, the guys off Mythbusters.

      Yes and also from Tested.

        Yeah. . . sadly I wasn't aware they had their own web presence outside of Mythbusters. . .

    Pretty cool idea. Never really considered what the crew gets up to in their down time. I'd just live in the cupola and watch the earth slip by if I were up there.

    If I was an astronaut I would preface anything with 'space' I would play space scrabble, eat space lunch, have a space nap. Space everything!

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