'Attack On Coke' Will Melt Your Mind

Japanese anime Attack on Titan has a powerful anime opening — it's something Kotaku has covered before. But imagine something else for a minute. Something like... Attack on Coke.

This video, courtesy of tipster Sang, is called "Attack on Coke". Edited by a Korean fan of Attack on Titan, the parody sure is interesting! It features re-cut footage from a spec ad another YouTube user uploaded last year.

In South Korea, there's at least another one of these giant food parodies: "Attack on Crucian Carp". The clip features a snack called "taiyaki" in Japanese and "carp bread" in Korean. The parody uses re-edited footage from this viral spot for an ice cream version of the fish-shaped snack. The re-cut, Attack on Titan parody version is better than the viral original, I think!

진격의 콜라 [하프@YouTube] Shingeki no crucian carp [[email protected] — Thanks Sang]


    Goddammit, I just got that theme song out of my head from the first article.

    D-Did I just watch two coke cans make babies?

    Last edited 07/05/13 6:25 pm

    Best thing I have watched all night.

    That part with the coke can fucking up the pepsi is mad, lol.

    holy all thats holy
    this is awesome, and totally ruined all my attempt to get that song out of my head

    Well, this was more worthwhile than the first time they posted a bunch of clips which had absolutely nothing to do with the choreography or scenes in the original but were instead just lazy, random clips of other things set to the music. If you're going to post mash-ups, at least post ones where people put more effort in than a few minutes in windows movie-maker and youtube.

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