Attack On Titan... With Pokemon

Attack on Titan is the most hyped of this season's anime releases in Japan, featuring 50 foot tall giants squashing human beings in their giant deformed thumbs. It's an awesome high concept, and I've enjoyed what little I've watched of the show, but would it be better with Pokemon instead of giants?

Probably not. Giants is sort of Attack on Titan's thing really.

But still, I got a slight chuckle out of the above video which implants Pokemon into Attack on Titan's opening credits, and re-dubs the music using sounds from the original game. It's almost unlistenable, but nifty nonetheless.


    I just looked up Attack on Titan....
    I think I have to start watching Attack on Titan now.

    I think the whole thing is one subliminal message, but I don't know what message that is!

    I think i know what is happening and im still confused.

    Last edited 30/05/13 3:14 pm

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