Aussie Star Wars Isn't Exactly Canon

This is Aussie Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Bloke. For those living outside the antipodes, think of it as anthropology meets popular culture, because just about every reference they drop in this thing is perfect.

Aussie Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Bloke [YouTube]


    Waaaheeey! The Oatley Pub is the Death Star!

      It's true you know. I've been there a few times and they put ham on their chicken parma. Only someone truly evil would do that!

    some course language in this film (thanks for the NSFW warning) *insert angry smiley emote*

    but this cliche bogan aussie film makes me proud to be aussie

    Hope to see V and VI!
    loved it!

      Don't know what your talking about, I didn't hear any course language.

        Try watching it again with the volume up.

      You should have know straight away as soon as you saw Aussie in the title.

    The cringe was strong with this one.

    I'm pretty sure the cap was still on the asthma pump at 5:05.

    Rofl! Approve of this do I! Share on facebook this I will!

    haha. Awesome. That's the Oatley pub just down the road from my house! Gunna have to go say hi to Garth Vader.

    This requires subtitles in English.

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