Battlefield 4 Will Have At Least One More Pretty Rainbow Than Expected

I sure wasn't expecting there to be any pretty, pretty rainbows in Battlefield 4, but from this new screenshot released by EA, it looks like there'll be at least one. And aw, look at that, it's got a flower too!

And Michael "Omar" K. Williams' character, holding a huge machine gun.


    I wasn't expecting there to be any entertaining news on Kotaku today, and oh look at that I was right!

    Do you guys have a quota for how many articles you have to publish or something?

    Sometimes, I wonder who in this publishing company thinks "yes, this is sufficient material for out audience".

    I only see the juxtaposition of the design here as purely artistic, which I have to say is incredibly relieving to see in a war-fighter nowadays. What the heck is the problem with using a broader colour palette than just different shades of brown?

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