Be The Envy Of Your Friends With This Steampunk Nintendo Coffee Table

If you're trying to fill the void left by the original Nintendo Entertainment System, or need a decorative, yet practical centrepiece for your living room, you can grab this NES controller-shaped table and hit two birds with one stone. Or should that be two ducks with one shot?

A trip to BohemianWorkbench's store on Etsy and a spare $US2600 is all you need, not including shipping. For that price, you get a sturdy gaming table, measuring 101 x 44.5 x 45.7cm and made from recycled materials.

And by recycled, I mean recycled. The wood surface is made from an old fence, the A and B buttons antique clocks and the Start / Select buttons are the remains of two magazines from an AR-15 rifle.

It's a great-looking piece of kit, to be sure. And it's not just a novelty either — it comes with a 6.35mm-thick glass top so you can use it as an actual table without damaging it.

For more pictures, there's a gallery available on the BohemianWorkbench website.

Reclaimed / Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table [Etsy, via Neatorama]

Photos: Charles Lushear


    Looks like a table for a hobo

    Last edited 04/05/13 12:10 pm

    Awh, I didn't think it was that bad. The quality of the lettering is great!

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