Behold, The Horrible Apocalypse Of Next-Gen Game Consoles!

What if our worst fears about the coming wave of video game hardware come true? What if it means the death of gaming as we know it?!

Never fear, this newest strip by artist Zac Gorman delivers unto us a hero — nay, a saviour — who will warn us of the fearful future that’s around the corner. Don’t worry, everyone. He’s on it.

Want to see more of Zac's work? Head over to his personal blog and game-themed siteMagical Game Time. If you're feeling commercial, you can buy prints and shirts here. He'll be back on Kotaku with a new comic same time next month!


    Is his other work funny?


      While not necessarily funny I dig his art style and enjoyed his previous comics.

    Big problem though, PC games already have DRM and in some cases always on DRM.

    And if we all switched to PCs we would centralise the problems not solve them. Consoles have the advantage of being specialised for gaming (or at least that used to be the case) thus didn't have the headache that came with PC gaming (driver issues, OS compatibility and - depending where you live - cost).

    Before I get flamed though, lemme say I have all the current platforms (PC, PS3, XBox 360 and Wii). So I'm no fan boy to any platform.

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