Being A Vampire In This Game Seems Like A Lot Of Fun

Dark, a shooter where you play as a vampire, still looks as cool now as it did when we initially saw that it wasn't about being a sparkly, sensitive bloodsucker. After all, you will eat your enemies to regain health. You will teleport. You will become invisible and stalk your prey. You will hypnotize your targets.

This trailer showcases a number of powers available to you in the game, making it seem as if you have a variety of approaches available to you when it comes to problem solving. Anyone reminded of Deus Ex a bit here? With cel-shading, that is.

The game releases this summer for PC and Xbox 360.


    I wasn't even aware of this... and now I am and am excited.

    It looks like they're taking their cues from World of Darkness vampires!

    Looks good, reminds me alot of
    Deus Ex / Blood Rayne / Jedi Knight 2

    Seems like a really cut down version of world of darkness as a video game.

    Looks cool. looking forward to more on this game.

    Human Revolution feel indeed, and more then just the cell shading by any stretch of the imagination

    Looks awesome. The thing I missed from Deus Ex was the more fantastic aspects.

    Last edited 17/05/13 9:45 pm

    Is this a splinter cell mod?

    Looks a lot better than the footage they had up at the start of the year could be worth checking out

    Seeing that screenshot, I assumed it was some sort of DLC for a Metal Gear game. It seriously looks like the weapons cache from the start of MGS1.

    Hello Masquerade? I don't know World of Darkness, but all the skills are exactly lifted from the pen and paper/two games of Masquerade. Not that its a bad thing. I love me some good vampire rpg playtime.

    Hmm. I feel like this game would suit a more realistic art style better.

    I think that's the first time I've ever said that. Seriously though, you could have some seriously confronting gore in a game that's about killing others to help you live. The cel shading sort of makes me look at it and go "meh."

    don't know why but when i see this i cant help but think of alpha protocol

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