BioShock Infinite Has Never Looked This Pretty

Dead End Thrills is a stunning collection of super high res in-game photography. If you have a spare five minutes or, better yet, a spare hour I fully recommend trawling through endless brilliant shots Editor Duncan Harris has taken. His most recent collection is of BioShock: Infinite, and they are very, very pretty indeed.

Video games, am I right?

I also love the Dead End Thrills mission statement...

Its mission, if you can call it that, is to strip away the distractions of gameplay and provide lovingly captured snapshots of these virtual worlds and their inhabitants. I’ve compared it previously to the work of a unit stills photographer on a movie set: its job is to flatter and translate without any pretence of ownership. To provide a visual document that isn’t diminished by technology.

Very, very cool site indeed.


    I've subscribed to the deadendthrill's RSS feed for some time now. He does some fantastic work.
    Though I usually have to get a reality check sometimes, wondering why games don't look that pretty when *I* play them......
    He uses a lot of hacks and modifications [even special debug builds from the developer] to achieve a good screenshot at crazy resolution. Even if the game only runs at <10 fps, that's enough for a good screenshot.....

    I just realised with the beach you could swim (or more likley get sweped) right off the edge 0_0

    Wait, when did Deadendthrills start using horizontal scrolling. And more importantly, WHY?

    Dead End Thrills is great, even better when there's a local girl contributing - Joanne Harper /

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