BioShock Infinite: The Dreamworks Animated Feature Film

The other day, we saw what BioShock Infinite might look like as an anime. Today, let's look at a similar treatment, albeit one that's a bit more Western.

Argentinian artist Feli Tomkinson has done these incredible mock-up posters for an animated BioShock Infinite movie, with a very Dreamworks style, and the more I look at them, the more it bums me out this isn't a real thing.

Why is it we get animated adaptations of games that we never asked for and stuff like this is left to fan art and daydreams? So sad.

argentinaland [Deviantart, via Mahlibombing]


    too bad the game was a let down

      You thought so? Anything in particular that you found really disappointing?

        The AI, the graphics, the whay you always have to look in every rubish bin and box, the ending(how you cant play through again with your power ups) oh and the combat.

      You should have played Bioshock 2 immediately before buying/thinking about Infinite, to set your expectations appropriately for a pleasantly surprising experience.

        I preferred Bioshock 2 to Bioshock Infinite myself.

      AGREE! returned it next day. clunky controls, lots of graphical tricks to cover the shit bland look, boring characters and settings. ALSO most people on KOTAKU are phucking losers in a cave!! OOHH YYEEEAAHAHAHHAHA

    The more I think about it, the more I want this to happen at some point.

    I miss Dreamworks 2D movies. I loved Road to ElDorado, and Sinbad was fun too. I actually enjoyed them a lot more than the majority of Disney movies.

    Handyman, played by Nick Cage.

      So glad I wasn't the only one thinking this.

      I'd see that movie!

      Actually, he'd be better in an animated original Bioshock. Just imagine his reaction to someone using Insect Swarm on him!

        I'm not sure if you missed it or not.. but have a closer look at the Handyman in the picture shown in the article.

        But yep, I agree - watching Nick Cage getting destroyed by any Bioshock attacks would be amazing.

          Oh, I thoughts were more about his reaction to getting a face full of insect-plasmid ;)

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