Borderlands 2 PC Case Mod Is Just Absolutely Perfect

Inspired by the weapon and ammo caches in the game, CrazyLefty has turned his PC into something the wastelands of Pandora could be proud of.

The colour scheme is spot-on, but it's the cel-shading effect that really sells it. Not sure how well it'd word with obsessive-compulsive fans though. I can see people needing to cel-shade the rest of their office just to match.

I like the added touch of a themed carry-case for the keyboard as well!

Borderlands 2 case mod [Hard Forum, via technabob]


    Where can I buy one?

      I know right. Keep seeing these custom cases. I'd happily pay for one as my artistic skill is at the stick figures level but where are these guys? I'd be keen as if there was an artist who'd paint my case up for me. But what design? Deus ex HR, ME3, Half Life, Bioshock Infinite... actually a Bioshock one would be pretty awesome.

        Oh man I would love a Bioshock case, but I know if I were to attempt it myself the result would end up looking like a toddlers arts and craft session.

    I was hoping to see a claptrap case :(
    That would be the icing on the cherry i'd say

    It's not really a mod though is it? Just a pretty decent paint job. I have the same case and the case has not been modified at all by the look of it?

    Not that's its not cool in its own right but compared to some of the massively in depth and complicated mod jobs out there it does not really compare

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