Brace Yourselves For This Incredible Warhammer 40K Cosplay

You've got to hand it to Henrik Pilerud, creator of this seven-foot-tall Blood Angel Space Marine armour from Warhammer 40K, because if he tries to hand it to you he might crush you with his massive, articulated fist.

Pilerud basically took over the 2013 installemnt Swedish gaming convention Lincon wearing this amazing suit, which took him 400 hours to build over a period of 10 months. You can get an overview of the process here, along with additional pictures of the amazing costume build.

Blood Angels Space Marine at LinCon 2013 [YouTube]

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    First time I've ever seen someone nail the proportions. Too many people try and use their own hands as the hands, and it breaks the illusion.

      Pretty sure thats supposed to be a powerfist. His gun arm has a normal sized hand.

        Oh no I understand that his left hand is a powerfist, but his gun hand is bigger than human proportions because he hasn't tried to retain the ability to articulate with his own fingers. You'll find he's able to rotate the wrist, but that the hand and gun are one solid piece.

    That was pretty awesome. Though I do feel he missed his opportunity to do the Space Marine hip thrust.

    Awesome, but wrong chapter :-(

      Its only the poser chapters like the blood angels, imperial fists & ultrasmurfs that have time to do publicity stunts, the good chapters like the dark angels are out crushing the enemies of the Emperor

        Actually would love to see a Space Wolves or Grey Knights version of this. Would be pretty epic.


    Well done that man!

    Nailed the proportions, added the details (purity seals etc), struck the right poses and was a great sport with everyone wanting photos etc.

    This is why the Blood Angels are the bestest.

    Of course the scruffy hairdo is slightly unbecoming... but hey.

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