Breaking Bad: The LEGO Video Game

This video game isn't a real thing, but you know you want to play it. You want to play it real bad.

This clip has the best details ever — it even has a LEGO pizza on the LEGO roof of LEGO Walter White's house.

Just watch it! So good. Be wary — if you're keen on watching the show and you haven't already, there be spoilers.

Via Gizmodo


    Just a heads up, this has spoilers for the seasons 3 and 4 finales.

    Last edited 01/05/13 1:53 pm

      Thank you. Was just about to watch it, but I'm only half way through season 4.

      Bookmarked. Closed.

        You are in for a treat when you see how season 4 ends. OMG. Best episode of any television show ever.

    That impresses me much more than the retro RPG tv show video things.
    They did a very good job on this.

    Looks great lol Yeah Mr White!

    It's genius. I wish the "bit where the stuff happens which represents the end of season three" was a gameplay sequence, but holy shit, the bit where you mash A to cook and days go past (in context) was just ... genius.
    Totally sharing.

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