Buy This Final Fantasy XI Account For Just $4500

A Japanese gamer poured 2280 days worth of playtime into this Final Fantasy XI account. That's over six years! But now it's time to part ways.

The gamer is putting his or her Japanese account on the internet auction block, giving anyone with around the equivalent of $4500 the chance to own it — and all the rare in-game loot that comes with it. Like what? Well, there are the Burtgang 99, Excalibur 99, Ragnarok 99, Gjallarhorn 99, among many more desirable (and time-consuming) relic weapons and empyrean weapons.

Originally, bidding started at 462,000 ($4620), but it's since been moved down to 450,000 yen or $4500. As of posting, the auction has zero bids. There are three days left.

If you have a couple grand to burn and really want a leg up in Final Fantasy XI, you can always pony up the cash without ponying up six years of your life.

FF11アカウント ブルト イージス オハン エクス 天の村雲 [Yahoo! Auctions via 2ch]


    like hell id buy that, takes ahlf the fun out of the game

    If I were insanely wealthy but morally bankrupt, this would probably be my kick. Buying up ridiculously expensive things people are passionate about, then deleting them and posting on youtube.

    Either that, or I'd adopt Bleeding Gums Murphy's Fabergé egg habit.

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    6 years?! He could sell it for $45,000,000 and it still wouldn't be enough to buy back his life.

      Wish I could get $45m for six years of my life :P

      Fallacious assumption he didn't enjoy the time he spent playing the game. Activate!

        I didn't say or assume anything about whether he enjoyed it or not. And when you're talking those kind of numbers, it doesn't really matter any more if he enjoyed it or not, it's just plain unhealthy. FFXI came out 11 years ago, he's spent 6 years playing it. Assuming he started on day 1, that's over 12 hours a day, every single day for 11 years. Take out sleeping, eating and other necessities and that doesn't leave much else in your life. Unless you've got some kind of severe handicap that prevents you having any other kind of life experiences or a job, etc, then that's pissing your life away.

        The only saving grace here is that with those kinds of hours it was almost certainly several people playing under the same account.

          The hours also count if you leave your game character idle without logging out.

          Replace the game with an instrument and magically, everything is ok!

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            No, it isn't. It's sick.

            Although slightly less so if you're a professional musician and it's your job. But even then, those kinds of hours continually over that length of time... you need to take a break from time to time.

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              Sorry. Next time I want to spend an extended period doing something, I'll be sure to run it by you to make sure it's perfectly ok that I do something with my own life that I enjoy and that harms no one else.

                If you're putting those kinds of hours in, you won't have TIME to run it by me.

          Question is, how many of those hours were spent LFG, or AFK sellig stuff in bazaar (quite a few endgame related items either for popping boss monsters or for getting those major endgame weapons could only be sold via bazaar or direct trade, not on the AH), or AFK when an HNM window was up (back when they were timed pops, there would be a three hour period when it could pop, but only at the one hour mark, so if it didn't pop at first, you would wait another hour at least before the next chance to pop).

          Also, lots of storyline quests required waiting before the next one could be done (sometimes an ingame day which is about an RL hour, sometimes next JP midnight, or even the end of the week).

          There could easily be other situations where time was accrued by being AFK while waiting for something to happen (FFXI had far too many pointless time sinks and waiting periods before abyssea was introduced) that could easily cause at least one year of that time to be time spent AFK while logged in.

    I think selling accounts or in-game items are against the terms and conditions set for the game. Would be interesting if his account was banned for posting it for sale @@

    so for the amount of time he spent playing, it works out that if he does sell it for his asking price. he value's his free time 12.16 an hour.

    Nah, I'm perfectly fine with my Blue Mage.

    Also, chances are the player has already finished all the FFXI story missions.

    Isn't it generally against the ToS to sell game accounts? With this publicity, I'd be surprised if Squeenix doesn't find out and ban the account.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't wish it upon the owner, but it's quite possible.

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