Call Of Duty: Ghosts Will Be Out This November

Call of Duty: Ghosts — the next game in Activision's blockbuster FPS series — will be out this November, according to a promo poster seen on IGN. Rumours about the next CoD have been spinning for about a week after the console-branded box art above leaked onto the internet.

Retail listings outed the upcoming instalment, about which no details are yet known.

Ghosts' release date of November 5 should come as no surprise, since Call of Duty games typically come out during the holday season. Kotaku has reached out to Activision for comment and will update if it responds.


    nobody except stupid 5 years gives a fuck about call of duty. It died once that activison fired infinity ward

      Not that Im a fan personally but strong sales each year contradicts your baseless point.

        There are strong sales for call of duty because there are more 'average consumer' types than actual players who demand quality games. I agree with paddy-o. This is surely to be another clone of the last few call of duty games.

          A completely irrelevant point. Of course it will be a cut and paste game. They all have been since mw2. Doesnt change the point theyre incredibly succesful. Theyre the 'fast food' shooter.

            What about halo, that's a yearly release. What about assassin's creed, that's a yearly release aswell, and both of them have evolved very little over the years, so people shouldn't hate so quickly because generally if you don't like call of duty, i bet you have at least 1 assassins creed game or a halo game that is a yearly release.

              Indeed, I don't disagree with that at all. I bought the AC games up until AC:Rev. I played AC3. my nephews copy and found it incredibly copy and paste boring. At that point I knew I was 'out'. Yearly release games have their place, like I said, they're the 'fast food' games of the industry. We don't have to LIKE them as such, but there is obviously a market for them. They obviously could be done as DLC to some degree but companies choose not to do that. I own Halo Reach myself, I bought Halo 4 and took it back, ended up getting a PC game, I cannot honestly remember which one now lol. But your point is more than valid. There's more than just COD that does it. Halo does it more or less (though I think there was a year or two there they didnt), AC definitely does, COD does, The Sims is even worse with their constant constant add ons...

                and also for christ sake. i see way more ungrouped pixels in a background of CoD than the pixels compared to Kratos' right nipple in god of war (and i dont even play PS3 i play 360)

              Halo is not a yearly release and had evolved in leaps and bounds compared to Call of Duty, especially because it's a game marketed on its singleplayer campaign which happens to have a multiplayer and not the other way around.

              Assassin's Creed is a yearly release like Call of Duty and draws the same criticism from me more or less, although it seems that for some of them they put in a little extra effort but thats subjective opinion.

              halo's not that much of a yearly release (during bungie's time) and with CoD is recyclying their DLC for maps but making slightly different

            no your wrong its a cut and paste of MW1... which was fine till now

            personally i still fine the multi-player amusing even if its the same BS every year shot guns become even more powerful and smg remain the dominant gun every year...

            if this years cod is a repeat of last years which it will more then likely be we will see drop in player base drastically again.

            personally i love the fast pace action that CoD offers but i do prefer games like Killzone or BF over CoD

        What do you make of Justin Bieber's continued success as a musical artist?

      Notice the Infinity Ward logo underneath the IGN watermark? looks like IW is the developer.

        Yep. Its made up of entirely new staff almost.

          Yeah... they're the Guns N Roses of game development :P

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      I don't give a fuck who you think gives a fuck. You probably do not give a fuck that I don't give a fuck about who you think gives a fuck. I don't give a fuck that you probably don't give a fuck about the fact that I don't give a fuck about who you think gives a fuck.
      You should probably give a fuck that you call cod players 'stupid five years' as that sentence is fucked. So fucked in fact that the only person who wouldn't think it was fucked would be someone who is fucked.

        Hey, did anyone else read this with Penn Gillette's voice?...

        You should cash in your swear jar and buy a Ferrari or something.

    Oh man is this like a MW prequel!? Is Ghost back! I can't wait for this.

    CoD haters keep hating, but it's fun, which is all I want in a game, innovative or not. Saying that it's crap because it's 'copy/paste' and hasn't changed since MW2 doesn't detract from anyone having a good time playing it.

    EDIT: And it looks live I've annoyed one of the mods and now all my comments go in the moderation queue. Wonderful.

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    "The next CoD will be out in November". This statement has been true since early 2004.

    I can't wait until the series finally dies off. Casuals are making quality games a real rarity. Lets just copy & paste the same game with a different title every few months /sigh

    I loved the series until after MW1. Black Ops has always been painfully generic, as well. Maybe once it finally dies off or get a proper revamp, we'll start seeing something quality get shat out of the rear end of IW. The amount of money the damn series makes could be used to fund something truly original and amazing, but instead it's wasted year after year on the same thing.

    It really shows how little brain power these COD casuals have. Pew pew, respawn, pew pew, respawn, pew pew, respawn. How can anyone engage in such mind numbing crap for hours upon hours every day for months on end? Urgh. Peanut for a brain I tell ya!

    I play COD for the same reason I eat McDonalds - Occasionally when I want a fast solution to (hunger/venting frustration) at a cheap price (buy it 2nd hand). Love my Bioshock, metro 2033, Xcom, etc but sometimes its easier to have a quick killing spree after a frustrating days work.

    Saying its all for 'average consumers' not 'real' gamers seems a little elitist. As a gamer I have a range of games I play for different moods & styles - I stress out trying to master the strategy of 'great' games, but COD is just fast food, so I enjoy the care-less shooting

    Despite very much not being a fan of CoD after MW2 (Can't stand it to be precise), I'm not going to hate on it because there's nothing I can say about it, it's fan base, or the cynical business element behind it that hasn't already been said/screamed/ranted about. But I have to admit, I'd prolly give it a go, if not for certain factors that will prevent me from doing so, particularly, paying $100ish for a game that's almost functionally identical to the previous 3-4 installments. If they were selling it for $30, I'd give it a look in maybe, but a for a hundo (or decent trader who sells it for $70ish) for something that's essentially a tweaked/slightly improved version of essentially a 5 year old game, with the same splosion oriented, jingoistic storyline and streamlined down multiplayer? No. Not when there's already already 100 similar titles of varying quality on the market. This series needs a serious reboot/rebuild, not just another yearly milking. But hey, they make something like a billion dollars on release day each year, what do I know?

    Seems a bit to early for Activision to release another Call of Duty game.

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