Cards Against Humanity Was Once A Kickstarter Asking For $4000.

Cards Against Humanity was once a Kickstarter asking for $US4000. It's since made over $US12 million in revenue. Here's a great writeup on how the game, and its creators, got there.


    I feel bad for saying something I'll say the only thing good, thanks for linking the article, I actually read it and enjoyed it...thought it put me to sleep and now I'm wide awake at night...damn it now I'm probably going to stay up for another hour.

    It's too bad they won't ship this game to Australia yet

      Psst... Read the dumb questions part of their website, and that should help you out...

      Send 'em a mail. I was able to get a copy on a test international ordering thing so I could give it as a gift to my brother who hosts semi-regular games nights. It's a party favourite, now!

      (You will probably spend more on shipping than on the game+expansion itself.)

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    My problem is that the Chicago Grid website has a ridiculously big banner that's stuck at the top of the page. I'm reading on a laptop and half the friggin screen is stolen by shit like that.

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