Celebrate Bacon Week With... Bacon

You love bacon. Who doesn't love bacon? Some 'people' I suppose... but let's focus on the positives. This week is officially Bacon Week in Australia with hundreds of restuarants and retailers taking part, providing discounts on Bacon across the country. To celebrate I thought I'd put together a little Bacon round-up — these are some of my favourite bacon posts from across our network.


Skyrim Bacon: Baconborn A man makes a skyrim helmet entirely of bacon. It's probably the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Somehow I still want to eat it. Bacon Approves A woman dressed as bacon. Yep. It's beautiful.


DIY Bacon Sundae: Testing Three Alternatives In our office, we've frequently made utterly rancid concoctions with bacon. This was one... Gizmodo AU Makes Its Own Bacon Milkshake This was the worst. It legit made me throw up. Behold The Meatiest Sandwich In Human History Not sure if want.


Use A Bowl To Cook Crispy Microwave Bacon Lifehacker makes it easier to make bacon. This is why I love Lifehacker. Blanch Bacon To Take Its Smoky, Salty Flavour In Dishes Why would you want to make bacon less tasty? Curl Your Bacon Before Bacon Don't mind if I do!


    Mmmmm Bacons... Time to make a shiggy special roast chicken I think!

    thx to kotaku's pic. i have a craving of stuffing my face with bacon and shouting fus roh dah

    I reckon for additional bacon-ness you dance everywhere and describe everything as 'classic poe'

    /puts hand up/
    I'll be *that* guy..... really cannot stand bacon at all. It taste's pretty meh, average at best, to me anyway, so I've never been on board the whole OMGBACON-jaculation that occurs

    Uugh, I'm trying to go vegetarian, but bacon is the only thing stopping me. I ordered a veggie burger from nandos the other day and added bacon to it without thinking :P

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      Sanitarium now make vegetarian bacon [Fakon ;-) ] which is available at supermarkets now. Texture isn't quite there yet, but it's close and taste is almost spot on. Still tastes like garbage but my wife uses it as a compromise [she wants to get the real thing]. Also Qorn and Fry's also make pretty darn good vegetarian meat replacements as well.
      Take-away food is always going to be an issue though I guess [carrying fake bacon around with you at all times may seem a bit weird to those you are with, haha]

        Thanks man! I tried some vegetarian sausages from woolworths recently and they were revolting so I've been too scared to give any other meat replacements a go. I will have to check these out. Hey, if the fake bacon tastes good enough I would happily carry it around in my purse, onlookers be damned!

          No worries!
          I will agree that there certainly are products out there which are absolutely revolting in taste and/or texture in vegetarian mean replacement land. Sausage wise, the Quorn ones are probably the best out there, with great texture and almost perfect taste. Fry's ones are ok too. There are some good frankfurter style ones, which are like the real thing without the skin. The problem is the older style ones use tofu/soy as their protein source, which while a good source of protein it doesn't produce the nicest taste or texture.
          The better products use mycoprotein, which is derived from a species of fungus [similar to mushroom].
          Almost every week it seems now as well that new products are being released, the last few years has been a real turning point in getting new advancements in meat replacement in supermarkets [in Australia, at least]. They've also got plenty of B12 in them, which is one of, if not the most, important nutrient to keep check of as a vegetarian.
          But anyway, let me know if you want any more recommendations or advice ;-)

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