Chart: How Microsoft Confused Everyone With The Xbox One

For the past week or so, we've all been a tad confused about how Microsoft will be handling used games, online requirements and indie developers on its new Xbox One console. So many official Microsoft comments about these things! Not all of them backwards-compatible with each other.

Superannuation, friend of Kotaku, suggested that someone make a chart about it. Good idea, we told Superannuation, but how about you do it?

He did:

When you see it all laid out, it kind of helps, yes? The pieces almost fit!

Note: The people behind the PlayStation 4 have been keeping quiet about just how offline-friendly and used-game-friendly their new console will be. Perhaps that's because they saw what happened when their Xbox One rivals got chatty.

Really, all we wanted were answers that made sense and were consistent. Bring on E3!


    Well to me the clear message from this cluster fluck of press releases is that apart from MS not knowing their head from their ass is that the Xbone will be unlike any console released before it and not in a good way.

    Still sounds like a Microsoft sneaky reacharound where no one actually climax's to me.

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      ew. But does sum up well how unsatisfying the whole thing as been.

    Sony is jut sitting back laughing at all of this ... and secretly wondering what will happen when they announce their own DRM.

      How can they be sitting there watching the backlash about Xbone's DRM, and still be wondering what would happen if they announced theirs? That doesn't make sense. If they were watching everything that is happening now, they would know exactly what is going to happen if they announced DRM. Besides, I am pretty sure the twitter campaign got their attention, regardless of MS' intentions.

        You assume the reason for them introducing DRM is purely because they want to. But the truth is that there's a tremendous amount of pressure from publishers to have DRM. And if you don't have publishers making games for your console your console will be a failure. And who knows if Sony has already signed contracts with publishers in regards to upcoming games pertaining to DRM being in place. What happens if a publisher refuses to release games on your system if they aren't protected by DRM? You assume Sony have complete free to remove DRM mechanisms from their console but it might already be too late. There's a whole host of other reasons it might be too late for Sony to ditch DRM and no amount of backlash against the Xbox One and even more laughably, no amount of twitter campaigns, can change that.

        Sony have been really quiet about the matter and they've claimed that used games WILL work on the system but refuse to comment if there'll be a fee to unlock them. Why not just shoot the rumors down? After all, they filed for a patent for DRM. Brace for disappointment.

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        Or they let the outrage blow itself out at Microsoft, then when it's become accepted they quietly confirm their own.

        Or they don't talk about it at all, and just launch the ps4 with it.

        or they pass the ball to publishers by saying that the option exists, but it's up to developers if they choose to use it... fully knowing that that's what will happen.

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    so when sim shitty died because of always on DRM because they didn't pay attention to what happened with diablo 3, we could give them the benefit of the doubt because there was a time gap.
    If sony screw the same pooch as MS having all of these events occur so close to each other, then they have nobody but themselves to blame

      Sony seem to be the only ones in the industry learning from their mistakes. Have faith.

    Indie games can't self publish now... so this isn't a change in policy for Microsoft.

    Its all clear to me and make sense. I'm actually lost as to what is confusing people.

    Sony's press conference for the PS4 was shithouse. I haven't seen anything good about the PS4.

    The Xbox One appears to me to be the greatest console ever. The Microsoft conference was amazing. Everything they showed me i want, every feature they demoed i would use.

      So you see a number of conflicting statements from the horse's mouth and you can't understand why people would be confused?

      It's fine that you like the Xbox One and what they showed, more power to you, but at least the PS4 showed games in addition to its other features and it's presentation wasn't aimed at only one of the many countries it will be released in.

    At the end of the day, let's face it- we can rant and rave all we want, but the second they drop screenshots of a new Gears or Halo or GT or MGS game, 99% of gamers will bend over and take whatever these companies want to do to us. Just like we do every time a major game comes along and does something horrible (launch servers all crash etc) but we still lap it up. Frankly gamers (you, me, and the rest of us) are a bit of a joke if you think about it. They treat us like shit because they KNOW they can.

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