Check Out The Four New Games Being Greenlit On Steam

Valve has just announced the next four games to be greenlit on Steam. Actually, technically, only three of them are games with the fourth being a piece of software.

The games/software are...

Edge of Space: A dynamic open world sandbox with exploration, crafting and multiple other verbs that PC people like!

Papers, Please: A "dystopion document thriller". Interesting.

Venetica: An RPG set in historical Venice.

Substance Designer: A "texturing toolset dedicated to game developers".

During the last batch, Steam greenlit a significant amount of games, but this time only four have made the cut. That's nothing to do with the quality of the submissions, but apparently it's about getting more games/software out in a timely fashion. Valve stated it would be greenlighting more games soon.

Four More Titles Greenlit [Steam]


    I really like the game Papers, Please. it's a simple game, but I really can't wait for the finished product. I played through the beta a couple weeks ago and found it to be one of the most original titles I've played for awhile. Really want more of it.

    Cool, Venetica. I remember being intrigued by it when it was first being developed and then it sort of disappeared off everyone's radar. I've always been tossing up whether to get it on XBox360 but now I might get it on Steam if the price is right.

    If you want to get behind a game, go for The Cat Lady. You can get it through GOG and some other place, but it would be nice to see it on Steam. An amazing adventure/horror game that'll stick with you long after you've finished it.

    Woah, was I the only one who just saw the "Edge of Space" trailer and thought - "someone has ripped off Starbound and it's not even out yet!" ?

    But I guess anyone is free to expand on the ideas of Terraria, not just the developers of it.

    Substance Designer looks pretty good, must give it a shot :) Thanks for the tip off about that.

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