Chinese Employees Made To Crawl In Public

You are looking at what appears to be a publicity stunt. An awful, humiliating publicity stunt in which company employees in China had to crawl in public.

The incident recently took place at the Chongqing People's Liberation Monument, and it was supposedly part of a training exercise for some Chinese cosmetics company. The goal was so that the employees could learn to handle stress. Or something. A crowd gathered to witness the humiliating spectacle, which eventually was broken up by the authorities.

On news site, many readers seem to think that the whole thing was rather unsavory.

"This company sounds good on paper but to do this kind of thing, disregarding employee dignity, is just down right bad," wrote one commenter. "This company should try better marketing strategies."

Others were far more critical. "How dare this company do such a thing, using training and team building as a cover is just ridiculous," wrote another commenter. "Why don't these employees just refuse? Is this job really worth that much?"

"This is the tragedy of Chinese companies: Chinese have to listen to their bosses," another reader chimed in. "There are no oversight or regulatory committees. This is one sad line of people."

One commenter even went as far as writing: "Looking at this scene, it's really hard to disprove the statement that Chinese people have no human rights."

重庆一公司让员工绕解放碑爬行 []

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

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    Bunch up 30cm closer and you'll have another Human Centipede movie.

      well human centipede 3 is ocming and ment to have a over 100 person centiepede, so maybe its the beihind the scenes fotage of the human centipede 3?

      Gold. That cracked me up hahaha

    Its at a place called People’s Liberation Monument, how ironic X_X

    Chinese 'labor rights' at work.
    Imagine the person in front of them farted.

    This is pretty much a metaphore for how I feel about "contributing to society"

    which game was this related to

      "Culture Smash is a regular dose of things topical, interesting and sometimes even awesome — game related and beyond."

      Kotaku does cover non-game related things.

      In unrelated news, they have Starbucks in China?

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