Chris Hadfield Sings "Space Oddity" In The First Music Video In Space

Tomorrow, Commander Chris Hadfield bids farewell to the International Space Station, meaning we won't get our usual dose of his tweets and videos sent from space. But he's signing off with a little David Bowie.

Hadfield's son Evan writes:

He returns home in Soyuz in the early morning of the 14th, and this is his final video from Station. It is also, coincidentally, the first real music video ever recorded in space.

We've seen Hadfield strumming on his guitar up in the ISS, but this is a full music video — "Space Oddity" filmed in the best possible setting. Commander Hadfield, you are a world treasure. We wish you a safe journey back to Earth, but wonder whatever we shall do without your ISS reports to brighten our days.


    Freakin' amazing! :D (Space and my favourite song, together at last. :P)

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    Holy crap, that CG was amazing, it was like he was really in space. Hollywood pay close attention and take notes.

    Engage counter-trolling measures

      Yeah, those guys who "did" the "moonlanding" could learn a few things from this video.

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      There's no sound in space. FAKE!

    This guy is awesome, and he's not lip synching, he can actually sing.

    This is how you launch a recording career to stardom.

    That was pretty good. So is Col. Hadfield going to develop a drug habit and do "Ashes to Ashes" in a few years?

    I like how he has changed up some of the lyrics and made it more relevent to the ISS. Very well done.

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