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This Community Kudos is coming at you from the cool, happening suburb of Parramatta, NSW as I am on babysitting duty.

My wife is over at the hospital along with my brother in-law (and Kotaku tech master) Ben because Ben is about to be a Dad for the second time! I'd like to take this time to give mega kudos to Ben because he's the nicest guy I know and he deserves it. Quite often I get positive feedback for the work I do on Kotaku, for the articles, the news, etc — but Ben works super hard and I think it shows in how nice Kotaku Australia looks. Ain't she pretty?

So kudos to Bennie, and good luck over the next few hours. Can't wait to be an Uncle again :)

Anyways... onto the kudos.

I'm going to go ahead and get the non-rocketman noms out of the way. No disrespect to everyone else, but I think we all know that Rocketman has GOT DIS.

Congrats to AlexPants and the rest of the Potaku team, who are heading to PAX Australia. Shame I can't be there, we could have been the best news team ever. Hope you guys all have fun. Alex dropped some noms earlier today.

AlexPants Noms! - the OCN - Freyjr and Trjn again for letting me crash on their couch last weekend - #35 for being a rad dude

Last week I gently chided the great Greenius. He used to always drop his noms with crazy fonts and creativity, but as of late it was as though he'd lost his lust for screwing around. This week, however, the old Greenius is back...

Oh lol.

I liked these noms from Tofu, because he wished me a happy birthday. He referred to me as a cool old guy. That was lovely.

Nom Time

Tofu First off, @dc gets a nom for his impressive page get skills ... he’s got a sixth sense for them and if he ever used his powers for evil, the world would be his for the taking.
I want to give noms to @inquisitorsz for starting the massive conversation regarding occulus rift and the leap motion and to everyone who took part
@alexpants, @shiggynitty and @docwhat all get noms for potaku being potaku and for giving out the limited editions of hitman absolution they were sent for the shave for a cure.

Last week I missed out on Chuloopa's noms for some reason. They just got lost in the black, sarlaac pit monster that is my inbox. So this mega nom from Chuloopa is a combination of this week and last week. They are mega.

This was week one.

Chuloopa Ner ner ner neeeeeerrrrrrr ner-ner ner-ner ner-nerrrrrrrr Excellent guitar riff...
Like a great blues musician, the nom train is a commin. Ohhh yeaahhhh
1. Shane! He's a top bloke. He's filled TAY his bored (choose your own adventure) games! Yesterday i became the surrogate father of a jelly baby that i had to feed my fingers to keep it happy. I ate its poop. Lesson: be careful how you phrase things to Shane. Who know what will happen to me today.
2. Lamboman. He is the greatest. Like Ali. Only skinny and white. And he doesn't hit people. Maybe he's better? He gifted me a copy of Battlefront 2. What a bloody gent. Bloody is meant here as an emphasis, not as in litterally covered in blood. *glares at Shane*
3. Charles Ramsey. - I like the cut of his gib. But NOT the cut of his hair. I still can't confirm if he is or isn't related to Gordon Ramsey. Or Ramsey Street. Or Rammstein. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.
4. Me. For getting the job. Sometimes nice guys finish first. Not this time, though. I nailed it. Take that, nice guys.
Stay sexy, <3 - 'Loops

Chuloopa. Week 2.

Chuloopa Hey buddy - I sent this last week, but i don't think you got it. So some amusment is already lost. Damn it all to hades.
I haven't had time to jump on much this week, so I'll just add these noms to the below:
- Obligatory Strange nom.
- Obligatory Oprah nom. I'm not nomming everyone. I'm litterally nomming Oprah. She needs it - she hasn't really been doing much lately.
- The Team at ozgameshop: I discovered, yesterday, that the player points i had planned to use for my b'day next week had expired without notice, so i sent them a friendly email basically saying that while i understand they expire, it would have been nice to have gotten an email. Got an email today and they have reinstated the points til the end of the month. Man what a great bunch of guys. I know we probably can't send them prizes, but i'd like to at least send them a hug.
- The team at slave to painting - The postie totally mangled a couple of really expensive brushes from my latest delivery and they didn't hesitate getting replacements out to me... My god they are sexy. Like you don't understand. They are KOLINSKY SABLE! Do you have any idea how arousing these brushes are? If you don't, you should. PLAY WARHAMMER 40,000 WITH ME! INFECT THE WORLD!!

I love how Chuloopa just nominates people outside the Kotaku community. Um, I nominate that guy who sang Space Oddity in space, he seems like a pretty good guy.

You know what though? Oprah deserves the noms. She deserves it.

Okay, time to talk about Rocketman...

Rocketman sucks. All he does is take the piss out of me on twitter all day. I still love him though.

This week Rocketman stopped baiting me for favourites on twitter long enough to write what is perhaps the most love infested post I've ever seen on Kotaku. It was an ode I will never forget. It was the Paradise Lost of comments, The Godfather of posts. Not since James Joyce's Ulyssess have I read such awe-inspiring prose.

Read this. This is love. This is what it's all about folks. This is like the end of Rocky IV. If I can change, and you can change? MAYBE WE CAN ALL CHANGE! This week's Community Kudos goes to Rocketman. And here's why...

D.C. I nominate @rocketman for this post:

I'd also like to nominate @freezespreston, one of the best people I know.

#35 Name : Rocketman. Reason #1 : Reason #2 : Being a vital part of this community. Reason #3 : Consistently being a rad guy.

Blaghman I'm adding Rocketman to my list of Com Noms for this week. Because reasons.


(Pssst, I didn't get your other email...)

Scree I would like to nominate Rocketman for his amazing post. No more needs to be said.
The other nom is Shane for helping me with scrapbooking. I had absolutely no idea how to start. It's like a whole other language or something.

So Rocketman, this is your moment. Give us a sexy twirl or something. Or maybe just do the moonwalk. WE LOVE YOU MAN!

P.S. You won't believe this! In the time it took me to write this post — Ben's wife actually just gave birth to their second child! Congratulations Bennie!

I'm off to the hospital to meet the wee guy! Have a great weekend everyone!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Yay Ben! He won, right? Babies are awesome.

    Oh, also yay Mrs Ben too, I guess.

    Congrats to Rocketmang and all the peeps who got noms. You are always loved

    EDIT FOR BABIES! ... woo babies

    Last edited 17/05/13 5:22 pm



      If you don’t, you should. PLAY WARHAMMER 40,000 WITH ME! INFECT THE WORLD!!
      When, where? Stop with the subtle flirting already and just ask me

        I've managed to get some more painting on my termies done now - and put together my ravenwing bikes. I am excite.
        I really want to get these guys assembled so we can do meats

          hmmmm I wonder how my blood bowl goblins will stand up against your termies. Should be close, your termies my slip in all the blood

            Be fair man. They may choke to death on their own laughter.

              That guitar riff. Master of Puppets?

    Right, well, my other email didn't appear. That's some super rad work there, me. Or "internet." Or something. The email was as follows (this was sent on Monday morning):

    What's that, Blaghman sending in noms? On a Monday? What is this, Bizzaro world?

    Probably. I'm going to assume that it's Bizzaro world. But I won't send Bizzaro noms, because they'd be all weird, and probably try to eat you, or something.

    Cakesmith gets a Donkey Kong Double Nom. It's a thing now. He paid for me to go up to Sydney, so I could hang out with the cool cats there, and he also blew up an air mattress for me to sleep on, using his own lungs. Flu also gets a nom, since it was his place that I slept at.

    Number 35 gets a nom, since he's always good fun to go drinking with, he buys alcohol, and doesn't afraid of anybody, he was also a super champ, and remained rad while sick. Pants gets one too, for hanging out with me, and not trying to throw me into any incoming traffic. Also one for Batgirl, because despite her "Scree-esque" cavalcade of apologies, it's always fun to hang out with people.

    Doc What gets one for dropping the truth bomb on me that the reason old Australian Media people always sound so British, was because they were required to. As opposed to them just sounding British naturally, which is what I'd always assumed.

    Shiggy, Patience, and Girl Germs all get noms too. I should probably say that it's for their mere presences, and that I was honoured to simply be around them, but we all know the real reason is that I'm just so very happy that they didn't recoil at my mere presence.

    Freya gets a nom, for the board games we played, and because I slept at her and Bunny's place. Bunny doesn't get a nom here, because I'm a terrible person, and it would be out of character for me to reward everyone equally. He will get a nom here, since the difference that one sentence makes is so earth-shattering that I don't think it can be properly expressed through words.

    D.C. gets an anti-nom, for essentially just being a better loved version of me, and so since I'm jealous, he gets to feel the powah of the anti-nom. He also gets a nom, for helping champion the "The Lion King Musical is Rad" cause. So really, this entire paragraph is entirely pointless.

    BDKIAF gets a nom for no particular reason. Mostly because I am simultaneously slightly scared of him, and have a mild man-crush on him. It's probably best not to try and think about the deep psychological issues that this implies.

    Oh, and you get a Nom, Mark! It's your birthday today, so happy birthday. My present to you is this rather long email, that I require you to read. There will be a test on it on Thursday, and if you get less than 65%, you fail the course.


    Last edited 17/05/13 5:40 pm

      Ah yes! Long message! I'm bound to be in here...

      Hmmm..... hm.... ahhh.....hmm...


        That's how I felt when I just read the kudos-winning post :'(

        Last edited 17/05/13 6:03 pm

      Two anti-noms for @Dc ? Guess that makes him the anti-nom winner (loser?) >:)

      Thanks for the nom Blaghs. And for not noming Trjn. Then noming him. Yep.

    Congrats Rockets, well deserved.

    Also, is new babby Ben being named Ross in honour of our winner? I think he should*

    *if new babby Ben is a girl, do NOT disregard :-)

    Last edited 17/05/13 5:41 pm

    Yaaaaa woooo congrats to people woooo! *flails arms*


    Congrats @benwhite and family!


      I ahhh, I hope Ben remembered to put his +10 Coding skills ability on the end right? Right?

      I messed this up :(

    Congratulations Rockets

    Congratulations on the baby Mr and Mrs White.


    whoa you're in parra? i'm only in chatswood lets go get a beer!

    Babby \o/

    I expect that either you or @benwhite to provide pictures, even if it is just a post in TAY.
    Congrats Ben, you have just made the world a brighter place

    This Community Kudos is coming at you from the cool, happening suburb of Parramatta, NSW as I am on babysitting duty.
    I’m off to the hospital to meet the wee guy!

    Remember you duty Mark, you can't just run off. It's a big duty ;)

    Last edited 17/05/13 10:02 pm

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