Community Kudos: Game Of The Year Edition

Community Kudos: Game Of The Year Edition

You know when you lump all the DLC for one game into a giant box and sell it at retail? This week’s Community Kudos is a bit like that. Two weeks of noms. All in one great package!

Firstly, apologies for last week — I had a day off to go to my friend’s wedding, which was inexplicably on a Friday. It was actually a really great wedding, with amazing food, but that another story.

Ladies and gentlemen — we’re here to talk about noms.

Let’s take this back. All the way back to two weeks ago. I know. Crazy. We had a nom from FatShady. This guy doesn’t nom for the hell of it. His noms are infrequent, so when he puts fingers to keyboard you huddle round and listen.

I had an idea for a project but lacked the skills required to complete it. With a tweet of something to the effect of “who has worked with Arduino’s before”, Fled was right there to help me and considering I still don’t really know what an Arduino is.. that’s pretty awesome and my project looks like it could become a reality. Super Fun Happy Vote for Fled.

Mr Shady, I await your next University Of Trials video with gusto.

Alright who is next? Ah — Greenius. My font switching buddy. Last week the theme was B for BOLD.

This week’s theme is B.

B for BOLD

and B for Beavwa and Blaghman!

And then this week the theme was


Noms to everyone’s good pal D.C.! He decided we should all be fit and stuffs so he started and promoted a Fitocracy group to help motivate us to get into shape. A good amount of TAYbies have signed up for it and it’s been great! (except for the whole sore muscles thing).

On the topic of Fitocracy Mr. Blaghman has been beastly. For a “lazy” person he’s been super active and has been around the top of the leaderboards ever since the challenge started a few days ago. Good job Muscleghman!

Jimu Jemu Nicemu Friendemu. This guy gave me the last Club Nintendo code I needed for a free game through a promotion (FREE ANIMAL CROSSING!). I also re-nom Beavwa who did the same last week but since there wasn’t any kudos then I nom him again.

Anti-noms for D.C. for:
– secretly injuring everyone involved in the Fitocracy challenge >:(
– calling me nice when I tried to get rid of a spare game I had lying around
– unnecessarily doubting himself too much
– being too awesome and not realising it

Dammit, I forgot about Fitocracy challenge! I was totally going to get involved in that — how’s it all going?

Trjn holds board game nights. I really want to go to one, but it’s difficult because babies and because every spare second I have is spent maintaining my gorgeous abs [flexes]. Hopefully at one point I’ll be able to sneak away from my wife and child and be that guy who slows the games down with really, really stupid questions.

Can’t wait to hear all the shuffling of feet and passive aggressive sighs.

Ahoy hoy,

Just wanted to throw a nomination @lortrag’s way for his comments in the off-topic post about board games. Board games are rad and thus he is rad. It’s mathematics, can’t argue with that.

Here is further proof that Strange is a great human being.

It’s been an incredibly tough week for me, man. I’d like to express my appreciation for everyone on TAY for giving a damn about my well being, especially @strange.

I nominate @strange.

D.C. Also nominated Greenius for sending him a game that I really love.

I nominate Greenius. He gifted me Dear Esther. Was all kinds of appreciated.

I like short noms. Direct. To the point.


That was literally, honestly it.

Jimu provided a little more context.

My noms for this week:


Blaghman’s noms were like the exact opposite of short noms. His were some very specific noms that eventually spiraled out of control and evolved like a Pokemon into Oprah noms.

It’s that time of the about-once-every-few-months-usually where I send in community kudos noms, and hope that you receive them! So, I was being all introspective and stuff at the start of the week, and like, my fringe was going as close as it could to covering my eyes, and I was listening to, ummm, Linkin Park? Or My Chemical Romance, or something. I dunno. I was feeling a bit down about myself, and wanted to know if anything I did annoyed people.

So people responded with completely unhelpful comments that are like “I like you as you are” and “you seem fine to me” and things like that. Honestly, you ask a whingey emo little question, and get some positive reponses that help to reaffirm your self esteem. What a world, right?

Oh, right, yeah, noms. I almost feel like that previous sentence should end with a comma, just to keep the trend going. I nom everyone. Because there’s no bigger cop out than Oprah noms. Oh yeah.

Those were good Oprah noms though, don’t get down on yourself man! I love Oprah noms!

Alright. We’re into the final straight. So many noms! This is what I get for going to a bloody wedding!

Quick nom this week for Greenius for finding out about the Hardly Normal sale, scoping out the bargains, finding the Wii U Monster Hunter bundle for 30% off, directly linking it, and chasing me down on Twitter in time for me to pick one up before they all disappeared in a matter of minutes!

Also a nom for D.C. for starting up a Fitocracy challenge this week that is re-introducing a few of us to this unfamiliar ‘exercise’ thing. My muppet arms are wobbling around ineffectively.

Again — goddammit. I want to do this Fitocracy thing. Are you all still doing it?

Anyway — quick segue. Rocketman. We all got a great insight into Rockets and his great qualities as a human being. It’s also worth noting that he is the Anderson Silva of Twitter. He is unstoppable. He got a nom this week from Hermes…

I think Rockets won this thing last time it was awarded but, I friggin love that guy hey?

He probably doesn’t even know I love him. His mother is probably hiding all the love letters I’ve written to him in a tiny box in a cupboard. He needs to know, today. He needs to be told via a mechanism his mother has no access to.

Anyway, I had this horrendous HDD failure at uni a couple of weeks ago and through it all he was a beacon of optimism and hilarity on the ol’ tweeter. So, give diz to Rockets plz.

Okay. Final nom comes from Strange. As I said last time, I’ve always liked ending on Strange noms. I used to do it because she was always last to send in noms, and now it’s just a habit!

The recipient of my nomination for Community Kudos this week is @smurfydog. Not for any one specific reason, more kind of a Lifetime Achievement kind of nomination. He’s always quick to offer support and insight and for this reason I think he’s deserving of Kudos.

Alrighty then. I got through that pretty efficiently! Whoo hoo!

I think this week I’m going to award Community Kudos to D.C. — mainly because the Fitocracy thing seems like a really great idea. So congrats big guy, and good luck with all the exercise everyone!

Have a great weekend!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I’m am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven’t forgotten, I’m totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


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