Community Review — Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Community Review — Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

I haven’t played much of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, but enough to sort of enjoy its concept. Enough to write this, which really just represents my thoughts on the idea of Blood Dragon — what it represents. The game itself? Well, it’s Far Cry 3 put through a weird instagram filter. With Dinosaurs.

To be perfectly honest, I’ll have to play more of it to make a genuine, informed judgement on the quality of the game. So I’ll leave it to you! What did you think?

And a bigger question: what are your thoughts on this sort of game in general. The kind that plays on your memories. Memories specific to us dudes born in the 80s who grew up on Schwarzenegger and Stallone? Do you want more of this kind of thing? Is it a good idea, or the kind of thing that would only really work once?

Let us know in the comments below…


  • It gets kinda repetitive, but it’s worth a playthrough for the cybernetically enhanced, testosterone fuelled, charm of Michael Beihn.

  • Blood Dragon was a game forged from my soul. So many of the things I love in one neat little package. Juvenile? Maybe, but only if you’re a stick in the mud.

    That said, I really hope we don’t get a sequel. Blood Dragon was just about the right length to tell it’s joke and have some fun without outstaying it’s welcome. Any more and I’m not sure I’d enjoy it as much.

    • Extremely juvenile. Extremely childish. You have to be a major twat to enjoy this kind of filth and potty humor.


  • It’s repetitive, It’s incredibly short, and extremely easy…

    I absolutely loved it. It’s dripping with 80’s charm, and unabashedly violent.

  • Its nice to play a game that knew what it was and didnt try and make social commentary every 20 minutes or try and be something its not.
    Its about killing shit, laughing at cheesy one liners and basking in the 80’s nostalgia.
    I loved it, was a damn good ride. Much hilarity was had in the (cool) 8 bit cut scenes and awesome dialogue.

    Only downside for me was the lack of anything really new from Farcry 3. The Blood Dragon mechanic was cool (can lure them with cyber hearts), but that wasnt really used all that often.

    All in all i give it a very solid 8.5/10.

    “Blah Blah Blah Kill Blah Blah”

    • Indeed, I hope they do make a sequel to Blood Dragon itself as its rumored. Would be awesome to see them innovate the mechanics here…

  • I couldn’t play this game sober … it’s loud and crass and not very stealth friendly, the option is there … but it’s vastly outweighed by the need to spin up a minigun and cackle maniacally as you same man sized blood fountains.

    That said, after a few drinks the game became a much more enjoyable experience because I got over the suspension of disbelief issue I was having and got to enjoy running around this island with Robocop’s pistol and the Terminators shotgun, Cackling every so often at the sight of people writhing about as I manage to shoot a molotov out of their hands with a pistol that makes Rick Grimes think I’m compensating for something.

    But still, with all my griping about the game, everything got redeemed with the final mission. In one swoop anything bad I could say about this game became inconsequential to how amazeballs that part of the game was. It took the entire 7 hours of the game for me to fall in love with it and then it was over

  • Just playing for the humor, nothing else…if many people like it and they can release more, why not? I think once is enough for me and I won’t be purchasing any sequels.

  • It’s pretty great, the soundtrack hit the spot perfectly, whacky 80’s synths and snare heavy beats. For the price it wasn’t bad and it is basically an expansion on Farcry with a crazy neon filter, weapons are familiar and the skills are all from FC3 but are on a linear tree so you won’t be choosing where to allocate points. Graphically i liked the crazy neon effects on everything but didn’t like strange pink fog that covered the land, just made it feel confined even though you’re outdoors in an open world. Also I think the weapons could have been a bit more over the top, some had some interesting attachments like explosive or incindiery rounds but i felt they were all too standard and didn’t compliment the games “Balls to the Wall” attitude. Another big let down was the lack of the wing suit, i mean c’mon. Overall it was a pretty fun ridiculous roller coaster ride, If a sequel was ever considered i hope they take the time expand on some of the concepts and lose the pink fuzz. I’ll give it an 8/10

    • Quad shotgun w/ massive magazine + flaming rounds = “ball’s to the wall” in my book.
      When you ambush a squad of enemies on a grassy hill and simultaneously fill them with buckshot whist igniting everything around them….. awesome!

      • yup, i agree, that one is pretty good, most of the others seemed a little less exciting IMO though, maybe I just expect too much.

      • Also, Don’t get me wrong, I love this game. It’s refreshing to play a game that says “Hey there’s some stuff to blow up and here’s some stuff to blow it up with, have fun”. As much as i like how games are evolving and can be really gripping and immersive it’s great when a game just says “I’m a game play me, enjoy me, don’t feel like you have to feel bad for killing stuff, revel in it, then maybe flip off the guys corpse as you run off”.

  • I don’t own FC3 so the game has been heaps of fun. More DLC should be standalone. Theyd get far more sales that way

    • Agreed. I’m not really a fan of the Assassin’s Creed games, but I’d have bought the Tyranny of King Washington if it was stand alone.

      • Yep. Dead rising Case Zero was another game ike this or Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

  • Loved it. The joke didn’t get old. I would play the fuck out a sequel and would happily sleep with the developer – Male or female.

  • I played and finished it in less than 4 hours, some parts were excellent (Biehn, the music), the rest of the game not so much, I never felt challenged enough to bother upgrading any weapons and for its jazziness I just couldn’t really get into it.

    • It was very easy even compared to Far Cry 3.

      I didn’t care, I breezed through and *almost* 100%’d it in about 6 hours.
      The only acheivement I missed was the one for killing 25 Blood Dragons. I think I finished the game at about 14 and I wasn’t going to bother chasing down 11 more.

  • I haven’t played it yet, but I already have it queued up to be my first modern PC game purchase/playthrough.

    Last PC game I bought was Doom 3, and even then it was only because I happened to find out it was on clearance for $2.50 and I had just come off finishing the first two Doom games. It was a disappointment.

  • FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON can also spell “BROAD DRY FAG COLON (R3)”. Outrage I say!

    So I boycotted it until such homophobia is thoroughly extinct in gaming! Outrage outrage outrage!!!!

  • I loved it. The gameplay formula and repetitive garrisons did detract a little, but I loved the sense of humour and sense of irreverance. I disagree with Patricia’s article the other day, that joke at the start was a harmless gem and it made it clear up front the kind of jokes to expect and that it wasn’t just going to be a slavish homage to retro games.

    The weapon and wildlife descriptions were hilarious and I loved the silly plot points that came out of nowhere like the Killstar. I also love the Rocky 4 references. If they do a sequel, then I wan’t them to get Carl Weathers in there as well. Maybe some classic 80s bad guys like the dude who played Sully in Commando, or even better Bennett.

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