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Being a new parent and all, most of my gaming has been done on handhelds over the past few months, which means that I've missed out on games like Metro: Last Light — games that might not have directly been on my radar, but may have checked out had I a spare moment or three. I'm keen to hear your thoughts on this one: should I be investing time in this game?

Metro: Last Light's timing has been good. We're in the midst of a real lull in terms of major 'AAA' releases. BioShock Infinite's been and gone, it's a couple of weeks until the release of The Last of Us. If there was ever a time to get stuck into a really 'core' PC centric shooter, now would probably be the time. I'd like to ask those who've already played the game — should I bother?

Because I'm done with Luigi's Mansion 2 and that copy of Fire Emblem Awakening is starting to look mighty tempting...


    Forced stealth section, crouch wasn't a toggle, quit game.

    Edit: Apparently crouch is a toggle, though this not told to the player and only found under control menus. So terrible tutorials then?

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      Crouching not being toggled is a bad thing?
      If anything, that sounds like a good thing.

        Yeah I love busting my pinky to hold hold down a key for 15 minutes to pass a section of a game. In what world is crouch not being toggle in a stealth game a good thing?

          Hardly a thing to quit a game over, though.
          You know... unless you like acting like a spoiled brat?

            If you can't get the controls right for the platform you publish to what hope does the rest of the game have, it's quite an important part of a game to have a good control scheme, this is not a good one in my opinion. I will most likely return to the game but that is my first impression.

            I haven't paid the game, but I think your comment is totally unfair. I actually think poor controls is one of the best reasons to quit a game - I don't like playing games that are physically painful to play. It's 2013, there is no excuse for poor controls at this point.

              Agreed. I dropped Silent Hill on 360 immediately when it didn't have an invert camera option.
              Controls are not only fundamental to a game; but bad controls are usually pretty good proof that a game has been rushed.

                Absolutely. I'm actually having this problem at the moment with Killzone 2. It's really let down by some of the control choices, mostly the fact that you have to hold button down to remain snapped to cover. If you want to snipe from cover you end up having to:

                1. Hold down L2 to snap to cover.
                2. Move right stick to peer above cover.
                3. Press R3 to zoom.
                4. Move right stick to line up the the shot.
                5. Press R1 to shoot.

                Forget about moving behind cover.

              This game actually has really top notch controls ;)

                Fair enough. As I said, I haven't played the game. I was commenting that generally, poor controls is a great reason to quit a game.

            It's not acting like a spoiled brat. He doesn't want to hold the key down for ages. Makes sense. I too don't like games without a crouch toggle. Am I a spoilt brat too?

          Probably when it's not purely a stealth game?
          If it was Thief, or something similar - where the overall selling point of the game is, infact, STEALTH, then yes - you'd have a semi-valid excuse. But in a game like Metro, wherein you are pretty much handed shotguns, assault rifles, ball bearings and things that go boom, and you try to palm it off as stealth, well - your argument falls flat, now, doesn't it?

          in what world? probably the same one where the game actually HAS a button for toggle crouch and you just hadn't bothered to check the keybinds

          Assuming your playing on PC the toggle crouch key is "Z" and it can be rebound.

            Well there you go, he can now go back in and play til he finds something else to ragequit over!

          ....really? I assume since you said key you are playing on PC.
          Are you serioys? Really really?
          Toggle couch is an assignable hotkey in the controls menu, or did you not look?

      Most unhelpful response ever.

      I haven't come across any forced stealth sections, but as I love stealth games, that wouldn't bother me. So far I haven't even had to kill anyone, which is a big plus for me. The ability to turn on and off lights, and even shoot them out, is fantastic and reminds me of the Thief series, and also No One Lives Forever (with unscrewing lightbulbs).

      Crouch is a toggle on the PS3. I don't have to, umm, bust the middle knuckle of my thumb holding down circle.

      Make the audio in Russian and it is perfection.

      Wait what.

      It's right there in the options menu under keyboard.

      I literally just played this to make sure, and it totally toggles. I do not understand.

      Actually read the comment below... question answered.

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      Except it actually is a toggle. The forced stealth section is at the start only and it is around 2-5 minutes long...and you do not have to crouch for more than about 10 seconds at a time (you don't have to stay crouched to get through).

      Check the custom controls section in options, there is a toggle crouch, defaulted to z but u can remap it.

    Toggle crouch IS in the game ......

    Theres no option to change it to toggle? I love the toggle.

      I couldn't locate it if there is, but games have control options buried so deep these days I may have missed it. Though while the graphics have obviously tweaked for pc, the menus have not.

    It's very enjoyable. Read a lot in reviews about atmosphere and thought "meh", but only once you play the game do you truly appreciate it, especially when on the surface. Makes it a fun, different experience. Great graphics, corny/funny voicing, fun combat/stealth. Holding down crtl to crouch isn't an issue if you have any morsel of dexterity.

    It feels like more of the same from 2033, and I am 100% a-okay with that.
    The initial moodyness and atmosphere from 2033 has worn off, but the Metro is still depressing and dark, and the surface is still terrifying as hell, so all is well.

    Mark, why not take a look on YouTube for a walkthrough? Like this one from theRadBrad:
    My first impression is that it looks a lot like a Half Life 2 and Fallout 3 - probably a little too much like HL2, which is getting long in the tooth (i.e. ah, the good old days when holding CTRL to crouch was not a problem) - but there are some interesting ideas and themes that make it interesting.

    I suppose you've already played Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon? I'm trying to decide between the two of them ahead of the Steam Summer Sale...

    Rented this one - Played through it rather quickly, but still looked around.

    This game rewards people who spend time to walk places other than the main road/towards the main objectives. You can play stealth or full commando. However, if you don't search a lot - you'll most likely run out of ammo going commando.

    Story is rather good, a few levels that are a drag, fairly lengthy game - compared to others in most recent years. However, I think the last few levels are where it gets pretty awesome.

    Environments and surroundings are awesome. AI are pretty smart. Didn't come across any glitches at all, and it's a bit more difficult than your average game.

    Definitely worth checking out and sticking it through to the end.

    Metro Last Light has Simple stealth sections due to the Human Ai Can't see anything in the dark, But it's a lot more polished and streamlined for mainstream audiences I think.
    If You want the proper Core experience, Play metro 2033 With the Updates and Ranger difficulty. It changes the game completely.

    But it is harder, due to Ai seeing you more in stealth sections, But that's why I personally liked the game more. Sometimes I had to come back to it halfway through the game, or restart a checkpoint because I was low on ammo and didn't buy any, or didn't look around for currency to be able to keep going. It took skill, Metro Last light still does, But you can go from A, to B, to C, to the end of the game with only one or two hard spots for the wrong reasons.

    So yeah if you want the real deal, Metro 2033, If you want just a fun game that's not like Cod, play metro Last light.

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    Heads up for PC players the FOV can now be tweaked in the config file.
    You no longer have to walk around with binoculars on!
    (it's vertical based fov so 59 = 90 horizontal)
    Finished the game last night, very immersive and atmospheric game , stunning graphics and sound, a must play for people who enjoy STALKER etc,

    The first game that has tested the new GTX680. Running flawlessly on max so my opinion of this game is now rather biased. On rails but completly fun!

    I found the game to be great, lots of atmosphere and genuinely lots of fun.
    I only had one crash total, Running 2x7970's even though lots of reviews seemed to indicate problems with AMD GPU's

    For those with Triple display mode and the power to run it are in for a real treat, supports it natively and offers even more atmosphere while in the world, and the recent FOV adjustments help a lot for Triple display users

    I was completely and utterly immersed in this game from start to finish. It's the first game in a LONG time where I've forgotten everything going on around me, where every single minute of the game was just a pleasure to play. The pacing was excellent - never a dull or repetitious moment, taking its foot off the gas just long enough before throwing you back into the fray.

    This game just oozes atmosphere unlike anything else I've played (bar the Metro 2033). You want post apocalyptic done right, then Metro Last Light is it; Russian source material and Ukrainian development knows better than anyone else how to craft a world that's almost overbearingly oppressive, but at the same time enigmatically beautiful.

    But a word of advice: don't go rushing through the game as fast as you can; take your time to soak in the atmosphere, to sleuth your way through human enemies, and even take the time to explore the little nooks and crannies up on the surface in between fighting mutants of every description (if you have enough filters, that is). There is so much reward to be found in this game if you only listen and look to what is being offered.

    I can't recommend this game enough, Mark. This game was WAY better than Bioshock Infinite. It's not that I didn't like Bioshock Infinite ... but the combat in that game left me really bored, and only pushing on to see what the story was delivering. Metro, on the other hand, is fun the entire way through. Someone further up in the comments said that they thought the game looked a little too much like Half Life 2 ... he is SO dead wrong. Half Life 2's post apocalyptic world looks like Disneyland in comparison to Metro Last Light (seems to me that someone's had rose coloured glasses on for the last eight and a half years!).

    If you like shooters, on any level, then you would be crazy to dismiss this game. It would only be your loss if you never experienced just how good it is.

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