Crave Some Random Facts? This Diablo III Infographic Is Just For You

Crave Some Random Facts? This Diablo III Infographic Is Just For You

Blizzard’s hack and slash extravaganza Diablo III has been out for over a year now, and it has decided to celebrate with an infographic. From the usual statistics to quirky trivia, this one has them all — though I would’ve loved to know exactly how many keyboards were broken over Error 37.

Check out the graphic below.


      • I find it funny that only 33% of the characters completed Normal difficulty, seeing as that’s basically the tutorial. Diablo is a bit weird like that.

        • got most of the way through act 1 on inferno & then realised…. hang on…. I havent actually been enjoying this since nightmare.

          and then I uninstalled it.

          • I enjoyed Nightmare and Hell because I played with friends. Inferno was a slog that my friends didn’t bother with, so it wasn’t much fun. I only finished it recently after reinstalling the game to see if it was any better. It isn’t but Inferno is infinitely easier. Barely an upgrade from Hell was. That’s the point of the new monster power thing, I guess.

            Diablo is a co-op game. Without the co-op, it just isn’t that good.

  • What the hell does ‘vendoring’ items even mean?? Surely they mean ‘selling’ or even ‘vending’?

  • I came for the jokes, and was… disappointed. Much like I was with D3. 🙁
    Someone be funny, dammit!

  • The statistics I’d like to find out are the ones related to the RMAH:
    1. How much money was traded between players
    2. How much money Blizzard made from approving transactions

    Those numbers actually matter in the REAL world, the other statistics above are just trying to relate the virtual to reality.

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