Creators Discuss How Awesome Diablo III Will Be On The PlayStation 4

As part of its continuing mission to make sure everyone's all excited about the next console, the PlayStation Blog has posted seven minutes of three Diablo devs talking about how great Diablo III is going to be on the console oh my god you guys.

They're excited.


    Blizzard - you are dead to me.

      every time they talk about this port, PC owners get mad :).
      simply for not having to be connected all the time, i think this will be a better version.
      I played the hell out of D3, so i doubt i will cash in for it again, oh and the story, characters and dialogs SUUUUUUCKED.

      Why does others enjoyment make you unhappy?

        It's like being in the same room as a guy pitching an investment opportunity which sounds really awesome. Only you invested with that guy previously and he lost all your money then went bankrupt so now you can't chase him for it anymore, but he's still out there - and worse, if his new venture is a roaring success, he'll be ROLLING in cash, and he still won't have to pay you anything for your investment which he lost earlier.

    If it doesn't die before PS4 comes out.

    All I could hear was 'epic blah visceral blah awesome blah epic blah'. It all feels very fake to me.

    I actually can't wait for this. I bought Diablo and Diablo 2 on the PC many years ago, but haven't got around to playing Diablo 3 yet simply because my old laptop doesn't have the specs to play it. I have a PS3 and Xbox 360 and most def be buying a PS4 or new Xbox, so I can't really get approval from the Minister for War and Finance for a new latop to just play Diablo 3.

    Sure, it's silly to be mad that the PS4 is getting it. That's not what bugs me, though it does prove that it was made with consoles in mind (or to put it in unfriendlier terms, consolified, dumbed down for consoles).
    It's just that, after a couple of decades of making their best games (almost exclusively) for the PC, they say "Hey, here's the best version of this game, and it's on the PS4."

    I'd be impressed if they can actually save Diablo 3 though. That would need a lot of work.

      Every time I hear these assholes talking about how awesome the PS3 version is going to be, I just wanna growl at them, "Are you going to fix your mistakes for the PC? No? Then you can fuck right off."

        Yeah pretty much. What the game needs though is more places to go, things to do. They rely too much on "oh they're going to play it on harder difficulties, that's more fun!" That and the pitiful (worthwhile) item drop rate, well, it's just not cricket. Not to mention the AH, of course.

    Sure sure D3 is super crap, TL2 is way better and Grim Dawn will be better then both of them... i hope

    But it be a better point and click adventure than Legend of Kyrandia?

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