Crimefighting Babysitter Foils PS3 Robbery By Telling Suspect's Mum

Oklahoma's most idiotic robbery (this week) ended in the arrest of two teenagers who brandished a firearm at a babysitter and two children and stole a PlayStation 3 from their home. However, one of the suspects forgot to tuck in his bandanna properly, helping Nancy Drew crack the case before the commercial break.

Cops say that on May 3, three unnamed teens (because they're juveniles) busted in, pistols drawn, on a babysitter (likewise unnamed) watching two kids in a home in Broken Arrow, Okla. They demanded a PlayStation 3 and fled in a sedan.

The babysitter recognised one of these criminal masterminds, whose bandanna wasn't covering his face well enough. She wasn't going to take his backtalk, so she just up and packed the kids in the car (presumably) and drove 20 minutes into Tulsa to tell his mum he needed a time out — in the slammer.

Right as the babysitter was discussing her son's rather antisocial behaviour, guess who drove up. One of the suspects took off with the PS3 and ran through an apartment complex. Eventually, the police nabbed two of the kids, they guy who ran away with the console and the getaway driver.

The driver said the gun he used to threaten the sitter was not a toy but it was not loaded. That won't do him much good. This is a felony, up and down, and they're being held on $US70,000 bond, charged with first-degree burglary and robbery with a firearm.

Interestingly enough, the console has yet to be recovered. No word on the third suspect, either.

Teens arrested for breaking into babysitter's home and stealing a Playstation 3 at gunpoint [KJRH-TV]


    I wonder if those penalties apply for youth

    New update.

    The father of the home was a chemistry teacher who got cancer recently and began cooking meth and hid a batch inside the PS3 and the 3 blokes who stole the PS3 worked for Jesse.

      Why the fuck has this got so many down votes? How can people not like Breaking Bad?!

        Because people are dicks with no sense of humour.

    Good way to get yourself killed. Stupid girl. Should have just called the cops with the ID.

    Well thankfully no one was hurt for a change. This could easily have turned into yet another tragic bloodbath.

    At least in this case there is a clear course of action that can be taken to avoid such problems arising in the future. Since the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun, logic therefore dictates that it be made mandatory for teenage babysitters to carry assault rifles.

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