Cube World Keeps Getting Better And Better. This New Video Proves It.

A world without Cube World is a sad world. At least we have a new gameplay video to tide us over.

The five-minute video, in addition to giving us the usual procedurally generated cuboid RPG-goodness we're used to, showcases a whole lot of stuff we didn't get to see before. These are, in developer Wollay's words:

  • classes (warriors, rogues, rangers, mages)
  • pet riding
  • world map
  • crafting
  • skill trees
  • boats

Cube World is coming to PC (and later, Mac) when it's done. That day can't come soon enough.

New Cube World Video! [Wollay's Blog]


    The world map... THE WORLD MAP! I want this so bad.

    And does he climb a pillar at some point? So good.

    Its gonna take about 3 seconds for someone to build a penis sword......
    Should be awesome

    This looks like a great adventure sandbox. Hmm, Tug vs this now.

    Last edited 09/05/13 1:33 pm

    So going to make a buster blade to fit with the retro Jrpg feels

    In that 1st 20 seconds, i swear it looks like he is fighting a Bulbasaur.

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