Daft Punk + K.K. Slider = This Song

Sure, the original version of Get Lucky is catchy — but Pharrell's smoothness is no match for K.K. Slider's animalese vocals. It's not even a fair fight. This video by Alex Romero proves it.

Awww yeaaaah.

Truly, K.K. Slider has come a long way:

(Source unknown, but can update this post if that changes.)

Get Lucky feat. K.K. Slider [Alex Romero]x


    Eep just realised I put my post on the wrong paged! *embarassed*

    Is Daft Punk. Is good.

    Last edited 01/06/13 12:17 am

    that is actually awesome, love it, cant wait for the new game.

    Last edited 31/05/13 10:58 pm

    Seriously... Is there a way to filter out all Patricia articles?

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