DayZ Creator Summits Everest, No Zombies In Sight

DayZ Creator Summits Everest, No Zombies In Sight

Dean Hall, the lead designer of the multiplayer zombie sensation DayZ, has achieved his goal after setting off for the Himalayas last month: he has summited Mount Everest.

Must feel pretty good. Probably at least like, half as good as stumbling across a wrecked helicopter full of supplies and weaponry.

In all seriousness, good show, Mr Hall.

[via Gamasutra]


  • I’m glad Dean was able to do this, makes me happy to see a games company that supports someone so much as BIS has considering this has been one of Deans dreams.

  • Good on him, lets just hope the other developers back at base are doing work and not shots… i want this game.

  • Wait… why is no one shocked that he had Internet access up there?

    • Maybe becasue he tweeted the picture on 24th of May but he says he took the picture at the summit on the 21st?

    • I’m pretty sure there is actually reception up the top. Something about requiring the go ahead from authorities before you make or receive calls however. Some guy just recently did a live television cross from the summit.

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