Defence Of The DotA Cosplay

Defence Of The DotA Cosplay

Dota 2 isn’t out yet. So let’s bide our time with some DotA cosplay, m’kay?

DotA or Defense of the Ancients was originally a multiplayer mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion. Subsequently, other modders added more content to DotA, creating a thriving and ever expanding experience.

Since then, IceFrog, DotA‘s original modder, has joined Valve and is working on a sequel called Dota 2.

While Dota 2 is a standalone sequel, let’s use this opportunity to look back at some, but not all, of the best cosplay for DotA and the forthcoming Dota 2.











(Top photo: EnvytheOne/VictoriaF/MyrtleSarroski)


  • dota2 still isn’t out?? i swear i have like 5 copies to gift on steam. longest beta ever jeez

    • I think I have 15 or so. They give them out just before end of quarter, reports come in and “Oh my, our market share has just gone up again. Congratulations gents!”

    • Came here to say that but you said it first. Im not surprised when I saw bashcraft as the author. He knows nothing about games anyway

      • Also original modder is guinsoo. He left and join LoL and ice frog took over. Jeez

        • If we’re grasping at straws…

          He mentions Reign of Chaos, which means the original ‘modder’ would be Eul.

    • I’ve never played it and have only heard about it once or twice and even I know better 😛

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