Defence Of The DotA Cosplay

Dota 2 isn't out yet. So let's bide our time with some DotA cosplay, m'kay?

DotA or Defense of the Ancients was originally a multiplayer mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion. Subsequently, other modders added more content to DotA, creating a thriving and ever expanding experience.

Since then, IceFrog, DotA's original modder, has joined Valve and is working on a sequel called Dota 2.

While Dota 2 is a standalone sequel, let's use this opportunity to look back at some, but not all, of the best cosplay for DotA and the forthcoming Dota 2.











(Top photo: EnvytheOne/VictoriaF/MyrtleSarroski)


    dota2 still isn't out?? i swear i have like 5 copies to gift on steam. longest beta ever jeez

      I think I have 15 or so. They give them out just before end of quarter, reports come in and "Oh my, our market share has just gone up again. Congratulations gents!"

    Is the title really defense of the DotA? Cmon Kotaku you know better,

      Came here to say that but you said it first. Im not surprised when I saw bashcraft as the author. He knows nothing about games anyway

        Also original modder is guinsoo. He left and join LoL and ice frog took over. Jeez

          If we're grasping at straws...

          He mentions Reign of Chaos, which means the original 'modder' would be Eul.

      I've never played it and have only heard about it once or twice and even I know better :P

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