Devil’s Third Isn’t Coming Out Soon

Devil’s Third Isn’t Coming Out Soon

It’s been nearly three years since Devil’s Third was announced. From Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of Ninja Gaiden and Jiggly Ninja Girls Galore -— I mean —- Dead or Alive, and his studio, Valhalla Game Studios, the apparently hyper-violent action shooter has had a rocky time getting made. So where is it now?

Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu managed to catch up with Itagaki to ask how development was going.

“It’s going very smoothly.” Itagaki answered. “We’re talking with publisher(s)* while constantly expanding and deepening the [game]play.”

Note: Due to the interview being in Japanese, it is impossible to distinguish whether Itagaki was speaking in the singular or plural.

Asked why there’s been no recent news, Itagaki responded with a laugh, “That’s because we haven’t released any news.” Itagaki went on to explain, “We’re like a tactical nuclear submarine; we’re navigating underwater, waiting for the right time to fire our missiles. If you knew where we were, it wouldn’t be much of a war.” Exactly who Itagaki is at war with is unclear, but you get the gist of what he’s saying. Obviously, revealing information too soon could have a negative impact on both development and potential sales.

Sadly, it looks like the game won’t be making any sort of appearance at E3 this year. “There will be no missile launch [at E3]” Itagaki said. “It’s not the right time.” It’s cold in the depths of the ocean. Better hurry before the pressure cracks the hull.

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  • creator of Ninja Gaiden and Jiggly Ninja Girls Galore -— I mean —- Dead or Alive

    I couldn’t help but chuckle over this line

  • I hope the game is unusual and fun. Like Suda 51 games. Not everything needs to be ground breaking.

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