Did You Catch The Gaming Poster In The Trailer For The Return Of Arrested Development?


    THIS is how I find out about the return of Arrested Development? That's kind of awesome.

    George Michael doesn't play games, he's too busy working on improving those A- report cards :-P

    This article is offensive to posters, especially the part where you imply that unless it's a gaming poster it's not worth 'catching'.

      Even if your comment is sarcasm, I still fail to see how you drew your conclusions.

        I was referencing to Patricia's recent sensationalist posts - trying to cause issue where there isn't anything.


        ...There are a few others, but I couldn't find them.

    I have had that poster for almost 2 years no. And I still Love it! I want an Updated one for the controllers of the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, that Ouya thing, and the other "consoles" that are coming out this year, or have been announced this year.

    I say "Consoles" because they are just little boxes that let you play Android based games. its a little retarded if you ask me, but hey, people want to waist their money on it, so go right ahead.

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