Don't Expect Those Xbox One Exclusives To Come To PC

Not that you should have, given Microsoft's puzzling disdain towards the market, but just in case you were thinking those promised Xbox One exclusives were coming to PC, you can stop.

Shacknews asked Microsoft if any of those 15 titles would come to the PC, and the response they got from Matt Booty, general manager of Redmond Game Studios and Platforms, was...well...

"[The] Windows 8 gamer is certainly going to participate in some of that content", he says, before going off on a tangent about phone games and Solitaire.

Dragged back on-top, he later admits "When I think about more connected experiences across [our] platforms, it's things that show up within that family of devices where we've got Xbox Live, like Windows Phone and Windows 8...not what you might consider a more traditional desktop PC game."


Microsoft won't cater to 'traditional desktop PC gamers' with first-party strategy [Shacknews]


    We have enough dodgy console ports from the last few years to keep us occupied anyway.

    I wish boycotts of publishers and manufacturers weren't so godamn ineffective. I may have to start writing letters to them explaining the difference between what they think a lost sale is (pirates who were never actually going to buy the product in the first place), versus an actual lost sale. As in: You could have had my money in the bag, then you fucked it up with your own decisions.

    Because everyone loves Windows phones and gamers play exclusively on Windows 8. I'm interested to see if the connectivity of any mobile will bring interesting gameplay for Sony seeing as they're not tied to any mobile OS, but Microsoft will probably limit themselves to Windows phones for interactivity.

    I could live without the Xbox exclusives though. F1 2012 is the only racing game to've really grabbed my interest in recent years and as for no Halo, well it's not like there's no FPS on PC. A lot of what I hear since the Xbox One announcement sounds like Microsoft are trying to be like Apple in forcing their consumers to use certain products. Console gamers aren't exactly Apple hipsters though

    We Don't Want Them

      Awh. Well, I'd kinda like to play Halo using controls that actually suit the genre, instead of the bloody ridiculous gamepad. :(

    Who f***en cares? If its good game I'm sure we'll see. If not there's no Xbox One game I've seen that's going to force me buy this POS.

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    I kind of expected to see it in the article, but are these 15 titles known, or have MS just said "15 Titles"?

    Considering the xbone architecture is basically a PC I wonder how likely is is that someone will figure out a way to get the games working on PC...

      My thoughts exactly, same with the PS4.
      Hell at this point it is purely about M$ (or Sony) giving the publisher a dump truck full of cash to keep it exclusive, as it would barely be a port anymore (the xbone\ps4 hardware is fairly stock pc hardware).

    Microsoft's strategy: have the easy-to-use, easy-to-access platform have the hardcore games, have the harder-to-use, harder-to-get-into platform have the casual games.


    I am expecting Quantum Break on PC around two years after it comes out on Xbox One.

    There's not one decent title exclusive to xbox that's truly worth buying the console for. I legitimately bought a Wii to play super smash bros, and that's the top of the mountain of exclusive titles on Nintendo and Sony consoles that are worth buying a console to have.

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