DOTA 2 Breaks Steam Gaming Record

Over the weekend, Valve's DOTA 2 broke the record for most concurrent gamers playing on Steam. It surpassed the previous record set by...Valve's DOTA 2.

On Saturday, 328,713 people were playing the company's still-in-beta MOBA title. At the same time. That's crazy.

Not as crazy as the numbers of its main competitor, League of Legends - which claims to have over 500,000 concurrent players in just one region - but still, impressive.

Steamgraph [via PC Gamer]


    Does League Of Legends mean players playing the game or just having the launcher open.. they don't really make it clear, stats need to be more honest.

      There is a stats thing somewhere. I'm not sure if this will give the exact answer though.

    yeah because they spammed everyone on steam with 30+ invites each, glad i was finally able to delete them, its only taken 12 months to add a "delete item button"

      Because spamming invites has anything to do with getting concurrent users.... right?

      Oh and don't they only give them to you if you signed up for the beta anyway?

        spamming everyone on steam to give them a "free" game will make sure enough are using it all at once eventually, monkeys and typewritters.

        Nope, i never signed up for the beta but still ended up with 30 invites.

      Why delete them when you can gift it to the dota2bot and it'll give it out to people who want the keys.

        Yeah also this. A Steam account that will GIVE you the game for free.

      It was always amusing when people tried to trade Dota2 invites for reasonably valuable TF2 items.

    Yeah because of the Steam trading card beta thing, plus they gave the game away as free invites. You can buy the full game from steam marketplace for like 3 cents. When you basically give away a popular game like this, of course it will break records!

    DOTA2 requires an invite, while LoL is free to play. So from where I'm sitting those figures look pretty impressive!

    I'd like a free invite.

      Hey mate I can give you one, what is your steam name?
      add me and I'll send you an invite :)

        The bot was offline but jackal sorted me out- thanks for the link!

      I also got a pack of 30 invites, 4 already used, if anyone wants a copy I'll see what I can do

    You also have to remember that some aren't actually playing though. The International qualifiers are currently on so I'll bet that some of them are just spectating the games through the client.

      Don't you think that them logging on to watch a game is practically Akin to them playing the game?

    Question is - when are they going to launch it? Seems like it's been in beta forever.

    Last edited 21/05/13 10:54 pm

      Probably not until either all the heroes from DotA 1 have been ported over, or they finish the tutorial campaign. (Which, fingers crossed, becomes a full on campaign mode down the track)

      I think this too, I am really really hoping they add an option for Local server play, ala left 4 dead, since I am on satellite internet, can't play these things on 'online' servers, as pings are awful.
      I think they are still adding bits and pieces, haven't checked it for a while, have they added the 'mentor and student' system at all yet?

    Judging by how much work get puts into it, I would say late this year. Only a couple more heroes to go and they need to work on the tutorial stuff still.

    Hang on, I've just probably worked out why....

    Those new Steam trading cards went live, and drop by being in game (don't even have to be playing). You can either collect them for trivial stuff, or sell them for Steamdollars in the market. Seeing as they only just went live and you get the best prices for this stuff early on, I'd bet that's why there was a huge influx.

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